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The USA (United States of America) is the third largest & third most populous country in the world. It is also the no.1 country in the world in terms of nominal GDP making it the biggest world economy today. USA’s history dates back at least 15,000 years and is a rich mix of various cultures and religions. It is also home to Hollywood and the Silicon Valley. All you need to know about education system to Study USA.

The Education system in the United States is divided into three levels – Primary education (referred to as elementary school), Secondary education (referred to as middle & high school) and Tertiary education (referred to as post secondary education). The tertiary education includes the degree and higher education programs (Certificate Courses, Diploma, Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree, PHD – Research Degrees).

The USA is the most popular country for higher education in the world. Almost 20% of all students who opt to study abroad opt for USA. If you choose the United States as your destination for higher education, you will be one of the 750,000 students who go there every year. 14 of the Top 20 Universities in the world are located in the USA as per the latest Times Higher Education World University Rankings report. Study  USA will be great option for Indian Students.

Why Study in USA?

  • World class education with some of the world's most renowned institutions.
  • Flexible education programs with options of studying full time or part time. You can also choose specific subjects based on your choice at any time during the semester or your course duration.
  • Opportunities to enroll for various internship programs and on-the-job training programs while studying.
  • A lot of universities offer scholarships, student grants or financial aid to students based on merit.
  • Research opportunities in various fields including sciences, technology and engineering giving students a chance pursue their research interests with excellent infrastructure and research facilities.
  • Students can apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT) after completion of their course. Most of the students are offered a job after completion of OPT and get their companies to sponsor them for an H1B Visa.
  • High chance of finding employment after completion of studies owing to the fact that USA is the largest global economy.
  • A chance to experience a vibrant and varied culture.

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