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With the vision of top-notch service and powerful partnership, Edugo Abroad believes in collaborating with diverse consultants to help their students for fulfilling the dream of European education. From the partner portal to access marketing material, Edugo Abroad prides itself on its collaboration. Our dedicated partner tool helps to access the top marketing material and details of universities.

Europe: Through Our Lenses

Studying in Europe is not just confined to the four walls of the classroom. It is a much broader experience that leaves study abroad aspirants with a wiser and more mature version of themselves. Europe is known for its remarkable capacity to expand the students' academic, cultural, and professional growth. Study abroad aspirants are exposed to numerous accredited programmes in a globally elite set of universities. On top of that, European universities serve as the model bridge for students to take their careers to the international side.

Take Your Business To The Next Level - Be Our Channel Partner

Build your business with support!

Our Partner Program is one of a kind and the very best in the industry. As one of the best Europe education consultants in India, we ensure that our channel partner program is flexible and easy to join. It is delivered through our team of Dedicated Channel Relationship Managers who will assist you and guide you through the entire process. Our system ensures that even with our wide network of 1000+ partners, each partner gets the support they require, always!

Our team works closely with each of our Partners to know their students and their requirements so that we can support you better at each step of the process.


Great tools and features for Edugo Abroad Partners all at one place!

Cut your time, efforts and stay ahead of the competition with these awesome features.

Student Traking
Student Tracking

Never miss out on the status of your students. Track student application status & more!

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Seamless Process

Forget the older way of applying, use one click application process!

Download Reports
Download Reports

Download ready reports for your students & more!

Marketing Resourses
Marketing Resources
Download all marketing material & make a buzz about it!

Quick Hands-On How To Use Partner Portal

The video explains how you can use our Partner Portal. Through the simple steps, all the procedure is elaborated very effectively. With connecting to our Partner Portal you can be our companion in our successful journey. We are connected to over 300+ universities and more than 25 countries across Europe. It helps us to share our experience with the partner and also connect them globally.

It's an opportunity for our partner to make an increment in their revenue and earn a good commission. It will not only give educational opportunities to our Partners' students but also help them to grow their business. Through our Partner Portal, we introduce our partner to the leading university which can attract their students. By connecting to us, Our partner can reach new dimensions of success.

Edugo Abroad Presents "Powered By Edugo Abroad"

Our initiative aims at enabling easy and complete access to our flagship student services for Europe throughout India via a network of select Powered By Partners.

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As our Partner, we will assist you in identifying growth opportunities - both in terms of increasing your student base as well as increasing your profit. Being one of the best education consultants in India, we will help you to achieve these objectives. As our partner, you will get the benefit of attractive profit margins as well as incentives from our exclusive Partner Benefit Program.

Our team will work with you constantly, provide regular training and keep you updated about the application processes and other relevant documentation updates. Our priority is to enable your sales and student counsellor teams to serve students’ needs with 100% satisfaction.

Certified Partner With Several Universities

Since 2009, Edugo Abroad has been a respected leader as an admission partner for Europe studies. As pioneers in the Europe education landscape, we are certified and recognized by several high achieving and accredited European universities including from countries like France, Ireland, Malta, Switzerland, UK and many more.

Partner Meetup

Communication is the key for business among our partners and we make sure to keep it effective by organizing the regular meetups. The meetup is the group session which focuses on all the latest activities related to universities and admission procedure. Any latest update can have a greater impact on business so it is made sure to communicate about it. Update related to the fee structure, application process or visa rule.

Meetup holds the seminar by different counselors and university representatives who broadly explain the current university affairs and other insights. Any changes in the document and visa rule are taken on the priority in our regular meetings. Transparency in the process with profitable business is the motto of our meetups.

The Benefits For Sub-Agents

Offer your students the best and most reliable options in Europe.

Student Traking
550+ Universities
25 Countries
25+ Countries
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Commission On Time
Download Reports
Customize Service
Channel Sales Manager
Dedicated Channel Manager

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