A Complete Guide To Study In Sweden

About Sweden

Sweden, which is legitimately known as the empire of Sweden is a North European country that borders with Norway and Finland. Sweden is very trendy among students who wish to pursue their higher education. Sweden is one of the most innovative countries of the world. Study and research in Sweden is a golden opportunity for most students. Students are encouraged to think inquisitively and develop their original faculties. Sweden has always been a country renowned for its academic excellence.

The institutions here make sure that the students obtain the most excellent education. As a student in Sweden, you can be sure to be a part of this academic excellence and an environment open to leaning of any kind. If you pursue your education from here, you can become a part of their artistic strength. Students are qualified not only facts, but are encouraged to learn, contribute and speak their mind. You can find out about study opportunities in Sweden from a number of sources. The decision of studying in Sweden is one of the most surprising decisions that any student can make. You can be a boss in Swedish education. If you have questions like what are the study in sweden requirements , what is the study in sweden cost, then look no where. We have gather everything for you.

Why study in Sweden?

Swedes are known for their high academic standards and amazing education system. If you are wondering why Sweden, here the reasons that will be able to persuade you that Sweden is the best choice for higher education. Below are the reasons for the same:

  1. Focus on Creativity and Innovation
  2. High Academic Standards
  3. Photocopy of full passport
  4. More English Speaking People

Document required while applying for a course

  1. If you are not applying online, form no. 105031, Application for residence permit for students and doctoral students.
  2. Copies of the pages in your passports showing your personal data and the validity of the passport. If you have permission to be in a country other than your country of origin, you must send a copy of these pages as well.
  3. Statement of admission or letter of acceptance showing that you have been admitted to a fulltime course of studies.
  4. A statement of account from your bank confirming that you have money of your own to support yourself with. The statement of account that you attach with the application should be dated at the time of your application and be translated into English. or A document issued in your name showing that you have received a scholarship or a similar means of support (e.g. a student grant) and describing both the monthly sum and the period during which you will receive the money. or A document showing that you have received a training grant (applies to doctoral students) or a studentship, with details of the amount(s) and the period concerned.
  5. A receipt of payment for your application for a residence permits (if you have not applied online).

Students at university or University College

If you wish to study at university or University College, you need:

  1. The documents required by all applicants (see above)
  2. A copy of the document showing that you have comprehensive health insurance valid in Sweden (if you will be studying for less than a year). If you are covered by insurance from the university or University College (institute) concerned, you must send a certificate showing this.

Embassy of Sweden in New Delhi 

4-5, Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110021
Tel: +91-11-4419-7100
Fax: +91-11-4419-7101
Migration Section: +91-11-4419-7140
Email: ambassaden.new-delhi@gov.se
Website: www.swedenabroad.se/en/embassies/india-new-delhi

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