Student Agreement

(a) I, affirm that all the documents to be submitted to the university/institute and to the concerned Embassy are genuine and are procured from the source directly, which are further substantiated as they are duly notarized by authorized notary.

(c) I am responsible for the authenticity and the timely submission of the documents for the processing.

(d) I am aware that falsifying any document or information will result in the cancellation of admission at the university.

(e) I say and state that I have agreed to pay the tuition fees and/or the initial deposit to the University/Institute and/or charges applicable for admission of student visa, which I have understood are non-refundable under any circumstances except for genuine reasons under Visa Rejection.

(f) I further say that Edugo Abroad is only an institute/consultant which provides Education Counselling and therefore I indemnify my consultant against any of past/present/future acts. Any Branch office of Edugo Abroad or a sub partner with Edugo Abroad is only a facilitator who

(g) I say that I have been appraised and I have agreed of my own will that my consultant only provides with Education Counselling and has no responsibility what so ever for obtaining my

(h) I say that it has been mutually discussed between me and that my consultant regarding the courses, tuition fees, university/institute, boarding and lodging expenses, location of university, country’s working conditions etc and I have consented to that my consultant that I shall not change the University/Institute at least before completion of one academic year.

(i) The course, institute and the country selection is purely my responsibility and after understanding everything I myself have taken the decision to apply for the admission at the institute and have submitted the visa application for the same to the country’s consulate, high commission or embassy.

(j) I understand that there will not be any Refund of Tuition fee once the Student Visa is granted to me and I will not change the institute till my course completion without the written permission from the college, university or institute I have applied to after landing in the selected country I have applied for.

(k) Moreover, fees refund from applied institution is applicable only after visa rejection or as per university’s refund policy

(l) I say that my sponsors are genuine and are keen to sponsor my further studies. The information, documents and funds provided from my sponsors are from the original source and will be used only for my further overseas education.

(m) I agree to the fact that "After reaching to the selected country and institution of my choice for my studies, if seats are full for my selected program , I have to select any other program or I would have to wait for the next available intake " and for the same that my consultant would not be responsible.

I say that I have been appraised and I have agreed that that my consultant act only as Counsellors and is no way responsible for the following causes mentioned hereunder:

- In event of cancellation of program by the University/Institute at the last minute

- For the refund of tuition fees or excess payments from the Education provider

- Accommodation expenses

- Internship jobs during and after studies

- For any actions of the university

- For change in the country’s policy

- For change in the university policy/rules/fees etc.

- For loss of passport or any other documents of yours’ during the transit

- For bankruptcy/liquidation of the university/Institute.

- In event of suspension or withdrawal of license of the Education provider by the concerned authorities/Government of the respective country

- I agree to the fact that my deposit / tuition fees paid to the university / college will not be refunded if any fraud in my documentation and information is detected

I fully authorize my consultant to use my visa details and photograph if they want to do the marketing/advertisement and state that they will not need to take any further permission form me or from my family

We, make this solemn declaration conscientiously, and has been solemnly affirmed this

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