Why students face rejection for Poland student Visa

Why students face rejection for Poland student Visa?

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What drives an Embassy or Consulate to reject you student visa to Poland? Many students are troubled by this question whenever they apply for a visa to the country. Obviously, there is something unsatisfactory in the nature of the application and its clauses.

Poland is one of the many countries that require Schengen visa as it is one of the 26 European countries under the agreement of having one foreign visa policy. There are certain clauses that can lead to visa refusal too.

Learn about the most common Reasons that can lead to failed Schengen Visa Applications:

1. Past or Current Criminal Actions

One of the most common reasons for visa denial are the criminal actions of the applicant. The consular officer considers the applicant’s past before issuing a Schengen visa. The applicant could be considered a threat to the society as well as the internal security of Schengen Areas especially if the crimes are related to terrorism, child abuse and the like.

2. False Travel Documents

All applicants who attempt to use false travel documents and try to misrepresent their original identity will be issued an absolute visa denial along with probable jail term and other unfavorable consequences.

3. Insufficient Explanation For Purpose of Visit and Overall Circumstances

The consular office could deny your Student Visa to Poland if the purpose and conditions of travel and stay are unclear, especially when one fails to present employment or qualifications that match their financial situation, the purpose of travel and stay etc. Also if their declarations vary from their purpose, the consular office will reject the application.

4. Damaged Passport

Presenting a damaged or soiled passport can also lead to visa rejection, especially when some pages are detached or missing or the front cover is missing

5. Invalid Passport

Presenting a passport that is unacceptable to Consulate can also lead to rejection. The passport should have a valid period of three remaining months after visit to Poland and possess two blank visa pages and should not be older than 10 years.

6. Lack of Proof of Itinerary

If you do not present the proper itinerary of your travel within Poland or opt for the wrong Embassy of a different Schegen Area, your application is liable to be rejected. You also need to have booked accommodation for your intended destinations. Each applicant should also have a booked flight ticket and travel tickets for each intended destination too.

7. Invalid Letter of Reference

An unauthenticated formal letter of reference could also lead to termination of visa application. Failing to incorporate the original letterhead, stamp, signature, address and contact details of the author, or failure to reproduce formal letter of less than 3 months old from application date, could also lead to rejection.

8. Insufficient Proof of Subsistence

The consulate might refuse to give you a visa if there is insufficient proof of means of existence, especially a proof of accommodation from university where you are going to study, financial statement proofs,lack of traveler’schequewith candidate’s name could derail your claim of sufficient means of subsistence and thus lead to visa rejection.

9. Invalid Travel Insurance

An Schengen Visa application could fail in case of inability to present travel insurance coverage for the entire duration of stay in Poland. Other reasons could be

• Failure to provide adequate travel insurance cover
• Lackof travel insurance that covers return of applicant in home country
• Failure to provide valid insurance policy as per Poland’s terms and conditions

10. Unfavorable Visa Situation

Your previous history of Schengen Visa application could lead to rejection especially if you have previously disrespected Schengen Visa limitations and overstayed in the country, or already have a passport of an active Schengen Visa.


The above conditions are only the tip of the iceberg, considering the varied clauses and conditions imposed on every visa application to Poland or any other Schengen area. Consider the above before applying for student visa to Poland and get more assistance from Edugo Consultants, who are experts in handling student visa and immigration to many countries.

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