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Studying in Dubai is a cosmopolitan experience with modern facilities and global opportunities. Students from around the world benefit from its dynamic environment and cultural richness, which foster innovation and a global perspective.

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    Choosing Dubai as a Study Destination offers numerous compelling advantages

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    Cost Calculation for Study in Dubai

    The tuition fee in Dubai depends upon the course and university selected by the student. Tabulated below is the average tuition fee in Dubai universities for international students

    Degree Type Average Annual Tution Fee(ADE)
    Undergraduate program AED 37,500 - AED 70,000
    Postgraduate master's degree AED 55,000 - AED 75,000
    Doctoral degree AED 1,29,000 - AED 3,60,000
    MBA AED 1,60,000 - AED 4,00,000
    MBBS AED 1,17,000 - AED 1,23,000

    Here is the average cost of living in Dubai for international students

    Degree Type Average Annual Tution Fee(ADE)
    Accommodation AED 1100 - AED 2250
    Food AED 908
    Travel AED 2 - AED 10
    Utilities AED 500 - AED 800

    Career & Opportunities to Study in Dubai

    Studying in Dubai opens up a wealth of career opportunities due to the city's robust economy, strategic location, and dynamic business environment. Here are some key factors that contribute to career opportunities in Dubai

    Overall, studying in Dubai not only equips students with academic qualifications but also positions them strategically for a successful career path in a globalized economy, leveraging the city's diverse opportunities and dynamic growth sectors.

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