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As the second-largest democracy in the world, the USA presents itself as a land of incredible opportunities and diversity, especially for study abroad aspirants. Students seeking to study in USA find themselves at the crossroads of academic, social, and cultural growth.

One of the major reasons why students aspire to study in USA is that the country has the highest number of ranked universities, offering an array of accredited programs. The universities there have some of the paramount campuses and research facilities, exposing students to a progressive learning environment. The USA is not just popular for its glamorous tourism sector. The country is home to the world-famous Wall Street, the Silicon Valley and the majority of the Fortune 500 companies - all building up to golden career prospects for students.


The higher education system in the USA is highly acclaimed for its equal emphasis on the theoretical and practical ends of the spectrum. With more than 5,000 colleges and universities, the USA offers a wide choice of courses, catering to the educational needs of all kinds of students. Above all, the country ensures a supportive ecosystem for international students through: resourceful campuses, interactive learning, greater flexibility, and vibrant campus life.

  • Globally Ranked Universities
  • Part Time Job Opportunities
  • Excellent Career Opportunities
  • Deep Focus on Research Facilities
  • Exposure To Diverse Cultures

Why USA through Edugo Global?

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Fees Structure & Opportunities in USA

150+ Universities

Apply in globally top-ranked universities, offering a wide range different accredited programs and co-curriculum activities.

IELTS Required

Students can apply to top-ranked American universities by cracking the IELTS exam with an excellent band score.

Average Fees Starts From 10 Lakh

The fees begin from 10 Lakhs for the American universities to apply, rest depends on your university & course selection.

90% Visa Success Rate

The success rate of student VISA has been thriving since our previous intakes and more to come in the esteemed universities to apply.

Why Study In USA?

Most Popular Study Destination

USA is home to more than 750,000 international students. This is more than any other country in the world.

Top Ranked Universities

USA has an admirable 7 out of world’s top 10 universities. It offers prevailing world class education at the university level. Out of 200, 76 universities are in based in USA.

Diversified Culture

Due to the gigantic size of USA and a plethora number of institutions, it is a perfect place for the students worldwide. The campuses are so huge & lavish that it feels like city with an engaging collection of close friends. Some magnificent regions for every learner: dry deserts of Nevada, city life of Las Vegas & New York City, the Grand Canyon at California, etc

In-Campus Life

There are a lot of opportunities to offer when one is living on campus, like educational experience, volunteer work and socialize with new friends. Any university at USA will engage you with the academic, athletic and artistic activities. Many of the universities has their varied sporting teams and different ethnic clubs.

Research & Technology Advancements

The country is renowned for its technology & updated advancements, this intrigues the students to grab the opportunity to their career in the respective field about the new technologies blended with the outstanding research opportunities.


Students get a lot of courses option within the universities. Education system at USA is pretty flexible. It allows students to transfer from one course to another institution, during the course of study. This feature of the USA education system stands out from the other countries.

Enhancement In English Language

For a basic communication, it is necessary to understand the English language. All the education is imparted in English. The country like USA gives ample chances to improve the proficiency in the language if you are studying, living and working there.

Improve Your Employment Expectations

Living in US for a considerable amount of time will give a high edge over your competitors in the global job market, as a degree from an America university is contemplated as the best education. Any foreign students who have completed at least 9 months at an American university and received a degree, is eligible to apply for the Optional Practical Training. This is a major advantage, as it permits you to gain hands-on experience.

PR Prospects In USA

USA provides oneself with life options they mightn’t have had in their countries. One of most favorable factors is the employment, it brings the economic stability. You can work full time in USA after the graduation and can acquire the Green Card Holder status if you meet their criteria.

Favorable Climate & Ecosystem

You can explore all kinds of ecosystem within its borders. It has got it all- splendid beaches, remarkable valleys, deep rain-forests, dry deserts, iconic city with the skyline and stunning glaciers. Featuring historical and archaeological sites, tremendous river valleys, lovely meadows and a lot more.



Admissions are open for all programmes in all the universities; hence it is the most crucial intake

January & May

Admissions are open for limited programmes in the limited universities; hence these are much smaller intakes.

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Visa Information

There are a plethora number of job opportunities for the international students in USA. With advancement in technology, the country is going through the phase of massive growth and development. This calls for major recruitment of people from diversified backgrounds and regions with the appropriate experience and education.

One may apply for a position of residential assistant (RA) after the first year of education in USA. An RA basically keeps an eye on student housing and acts as a mentor for any questions/issues by any student. The RA is paid with free accommodation, a small salary and possibly a meal/plan. Students can apply for Curricular Practical Training and work as an intern in a program, if he/she have completed their first year, for up to 20 hours a week. Any individual who is married and studying in the USA on a F-1 student visa, their spouse may not work; while any individual who is studying on a J-1 student visa, their spouse may acquire a temporary work allowance.

After graduating from your respective field in the USA, one may apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT). This gives you the chance to work in the States for 12 months upon your final examination in your field of major study. In order to get an additional 17 months extension of OPT, a student must conclude a degree from STEM majors (Degrees in science, technology, engineering, mathematics). Further, this OPT can be extended if the employer approves you to resume your work in the United States.

Work & Migration

After the graduation from a program of 2 years in length, an international student is eligible to work for 3 year with no limitations on the types of employment and no requirement for a job offer. This work experience will definitely provide them an opportunity to work in an international setting and earn the money that they invested.

USA is uplifting the international students to stay back after their graduation. A new program, Work Permit Program, states any international student who have studies for 2 years can avail an Open Work Permit with neither limitation on the type of employment nor the requirements for a job offer up to 3 years. You are eligible up to 1 year Work Permit, if you have studied a program for a year.

IELTS Requirement & Pathway To USA

USA has been the most preferred destination for the international students to acquire higher-education. But most of the students are worried about their IELTS band score and are pressurized to score more.

However, there is a full chance of getting into any university with a lower band score. Any aspirant with an overall band score of 5.5 or higher can apply to the public as well as private American universities. This is known as, the pathway.

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