5 Things To Leave Off Your Study Abroad Packing List

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Whether you are in deep planning about study abroad or have already planned, it’s always important to travel smart. Which often begins with your study abroad packing list!

When it comes to packing things for a semester abroad, remember that less is always more. Plan on leaving abroad by keeping these non-study abroad essentials at home.

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What Not To Pack For Study Abroad:

I’ve mentioned 5 things which you should not put in your suitcase while you plan for study abroad.

Let’s start:

1) Big Cameras:

Unless you’re going abroad to study photography or to strictly photograph your study abroad experience. Leave any big expensive cameras at home.

Else you might have to carry your camera everywhere. As its big, its heavy and it’s expensive.

So if you drop it, misplace it or it gets stolen. That will be a big bummer on you, both emotionally and financially.

Nowadays most of the smartphones have pretty good built-in cameras. So if you’re planning to capture some good study abroad moments. You can still do it with your smartphone.

What do you think? Whether you should carry a big expensive camera with you or not. Please let me know in the comments below.

2) Books:

Unless you’re asked to bring books for your study abroad semester. Don’t waste your luggage space in keeping books.

E-readers and tablets could be the best suitable solution for you.

In fact, there will be many little bookstores in abroad where you can buy any book you want to study.

And for the novel lovers, you can read your novels on Kindle or on your tablets.

3) Every Last Piece Of Clothing In Your Closet:

Abroad is really a nice place to go out with your friends and I understand you want to dress to impress. But that doesn’t mean you pack every piece of clothing that you own.

A good traveler also refrains from the “what if” outfits.

“What if I get asked out for a date?”, “what if I need something fancy on some special occasion”, “What if I don’t bring enough of this kind of clothing?”.

This kind of “what if” game will start in your mind!

But I would suggest you, don’t plan for things you don’t know will happen. This will also ensure your bag remains light and also gives you an excuse to go out for shopping in abroad.

4) Hair Dryers, Straighteners and Curling Irons:

While you to plan to go abroad for study. You obviously wanted to look good and that’s why you might not want to miss your beauty appliances.

But you might not know the electrical voltage in U.S/Europe is different from the electrical voltage of India.

So if hair tools are absolutely essential for you, make sure they are compatible with the country you are going to study abroad.

However, if you’re feeling up even more adventurous, ditch all the appliances altogether and embrace all the new hairstyles when you go to study abroad.

5) Ridiculous Accessories:

This is the last thing you should try to leave off study abroad packing list.

This one may seem like the no-brainer, but it is always good for the people who are packing for study abroad to be reminded of little items a traveler can do without.

That being said, purses and luggage are the most used items whenever you go for an outing in abroad. So avoid bringing such purses along that can’t hold much of anything, isn’t versatile from day to day, and isn’t very durable in the long run.

Also not to carry money belts altogether (unless you want to be labeled as the tourist).

Large costume jewelry is a space-stealer and really just unnecessary for traveling as there is always a change of lost or getting it stolen.

For anything along these lines, you might ask yourself once, “Do I really need this?” and if the answer is no, leave that stuff at home and enjoy abroad hassle and tension free.

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Packing for study abroad is never so easy! I think you all will agree with me on this.

Obviously stepping outside of comfort zone for an entire semester is scare and unpredictable thing. However, once you make your mind and embrace the newness of the experience, study abroad packing list will become much easier.

In fact, I would say challenge yourself to leave some of the above things at home and decide to spend an entire semester with the light-minded, light expectations and light luggage!

What do you think about the above 5 things? Whether you should leave them at home or you should carry them with yourself while going to study abroad!

Do let me know your feedback in the comments below.

If you’ve any queries/concerns regarding study abroad. Do let us know. We would be happy to help you out!


2 thoughts on “5 Things To Leave Off Your Study Abroad Packing List

  1. WoW, this is a very interesting article. I wrote a similar article with Malala Yousafzai’s tweets. I didn’t know about your post otherwise I would definitely put some extra material.

  2. I think this is a great article! I especially like the part about leaving hair dryers and straighteners at home. Too many students over pack for their study abroad experience, wishing later they had left certain items at home. I also recommend that students limit the number of shoes they bring with them. Take a good leather shoe for walking around when you first arrive. Buy the rest after you’ve settled. Your luggage will thank you later!

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