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Europe is one of the most popular study destinations for international students as it provides a great opportunity to study without giving any proficiency test in English language. Reports suggest that more than 12 percent of students in European universities and colleges are international students. European universities are known for their excellent facilities, world class technologies and latest courses. If you are searching for quality higher education with low cost tuition fees and no proficiency test, then Europe could be the right study abroad destination for you.

Europe Universities work under Bologna reform, which ensures international recognition of students’ qualifications in Europe. You will be taught in English, helping you to overcome the challenge of learning higher level French, Spanish, German or Polish.

If you are still asking yourself why Study in Europe then points may help clear your thoughts.

  • Less little tuition fees
  • Chance to study in reputed universities
  • Wide range of study options – from short courses to doctoral degrees in various fields
  • Europe is a friendly place for students as they offer support and social activities to help you feel at home
  • Low tuition fees. The cost of higher education in government-funded universities is highly subsidized
  • The state-run Universities and fully funded scholarships are the ways to study in Europe for free
  • There are universities that are flexible in their courses and in their modules. If you are one of those people who is not sure this would be a great option for you. The university will allow you to change in the first month
  • There are many scholarship opportunities.
  • Chance of getting admission in top universities without IELTS
  • Easy visa processes

Study Abroad Without IELTS?

It’s possible. Here are some important points to keep in mind before applying to European colleges without IELTS.

Students need to provide their education proof of studying in the English language during five recent years of study and English was the first language at the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) i.e between standards eighth to twelfth. Students may be required to undergo telephonic or video interviews, as per the specific requirements of the university in order to be eligible to study.

Country list for study in Europe without IELTS:

#1. France

France is one of the most sought after study destinations in Europe. The country offers many English taught courses where students are not needed to appear for the IELTS or other english language tests. Here are some of the Universities to study in France without IELTS:

  • American Business School, Paris
  • Paris School of Business (PSB)
  • NEOMA Business School
  • École supérieure de commerce de La Rochelle
  • Institut supérieur d’électronique de Paris (ISEP)
  • ESAIP Graduate School of Engineering
  • Institut Mines Telecom
  • IMT Atlantique
  • College De Paris
  • The Pole Leonard DeVinci
  • École Pour l’Informatique et les Techniques Avancées
  • École Centrale de Nantes

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#2. Germany

Germany is known as one of the best European countries to study and work.  There are some Universities in Germany where students do not require any IELTS scores if he or she has completed their previous education in the English language. In that case, candidates must produce an MOI (medium of Instruction) to prove their language proficiency. Here are some of the Universities in Germany where students can apply without IELTS scores:

  • Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI)
  • GISMA Business School
  • New European College GmbH

Other Countries to Study in Europe without IELTS are:

  • Italy
  • Malta
  • Poland
  • Latvia

It’s true that you can apply to a good University in Europe without giving IELTS. If you have more questions, Edugo Abroad is a call away. +91 70690 07131

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