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Benefits Of Studying In Europe With Right Consultant

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Since the last decade, foreign education and universities have become a bandwagon for the students of a new generation. Most of the students are willing to have a bright career in foreign countries, be it American or European. Along with the rise in a number of students, there also has been a significant rise in the number of Student Visa consultants. Edugo Abroad has been a very popular and trustworthy name in this industry pioneering in Student Visa consultation for European countries especially.

Since the countries like USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada already being flooded with Indian Students and the places like the Middle East and Gulf countries not being so favorable, European countries provide a sweet spot giving a strong educational quality, good standard of living, affordability, safety, reliability and a lot more.

Students nowadays prefer countries like Poland, France, Malta, Ireland, Germany, Latvia, Hungary etc. Edugo Abroad provides a smooth and swift support base to such students being one of the best Student Visa Consultants.

Why Edugo Abroad?

Edugo Abroad has been a one-stop solution for the Students willing to Study in Ireland, Poland, France and many other European countries. Edugo Abroad serves the students with its massive experience in this industry and assures a cake walk like a transition in Ireland, Poland, Germany, France, etc for the Indian Students. Edugo Abroad partners with the Griffith College in Ireland, WSGE College in Poland, GISMA in Germanyt which is one of the very reputed and well-versed Colleges providing a variety of courses as per the student’s requirements. Serving the students who require Undergraduate and Post Graduate Courses, Edugo Aboard in partnership with various institutions and universities provides a big portfolio of courses and options along with extracurriculars and optional springtime and short-term courses.

Edugo Abroad’s Network and Milestones

Edugo Abroad has its head office located in Jodhpur area of Ahmedabad. It has 8 more branches in Gujarat itself which makes it one of the biggest Chain of Student Visa consultants and especially the ones handling the European Markets. More than 11000 Students are counseled so far and out of them more than 5500 have already been enrolled in European Universities. The figures say it all. Apart from that, more than 150 Partner universities itself is a big deal when it comes to consulting companies. Hence, one can easily say that Edugo Abroad is ranked #1 for European student visas.

What about working with Studying?

Edugo Abroad partners with such institutes that allow the Students to earn their resources out by giving them a flexible environment. Students have to study for 20 hours a week during the semesters and rest of the time they can work as per their convenience.

Students can also work full time during their breaks or holidays and hence earn sufficient amount being self-dependent during the most crucial times of their lives. Edugo Abroad along with the support from Foreign Colleges believes that students who work and learn have much more caliber than those who just study and hence support the earn and learn factor too. The on-floor experiences and practical works help a student to groom themselves along with the textbook knowledge that they learn through universities. With both learnings that a student gets, he can come out as a more practical and all rounded individual for his future.

Edugo Abroad is the safest pair of hands where you can rest your problems regarding foreign visa consultation and they shall do the job with your utmost peace of mind.

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