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Getting a European Student visa is a bit more complicated process compared to the visa processes for USA or Canada. Also, the is an inflation in the number of consultancy firms when it comes to American Student Visas. But when it comes to European Student Visas, there are not so many options available in the market.

Who’s the best Consultant for European Visa Processes?

Once can without a doubt say that Edugo Abroad is without a doubt, the best option for European Student Visa processes as the credentials provided by the company are just huge. It has 8 more branches in Gujarat itself which makes it one of the biggest Chain of Student Visa consultants and especially the ones handling the European Markets. More than 11000 Students are counseled so far and out of them more than 5500 have already been enrolled in European Universities. Apart from that, a partnership with 150 Universities makes it one of the most widely spread Student Visa Consultant among the European Countries.

What are the services provided?

Edugo Abroad provides a one-stop solution for their customers for any European country’s services required. Straight away from consulting and identifying the needs of the student and guiding him to choosing the right course and university, managing the application and documents of students and their follow-ups, financial assistance if required and everything that shall be required by the students till his accommodation in the desired Country. Edugo Abroad provides it all with a promise of satisfaction to the customers. Edugo Abroad has an exclusive partnership with top institute and universities from Germany and other European countries.

What are the courses available in Germany?

There are numerous programs which can be done after 12th Class in Germany. It offers both Diploma and Graduation Programs in many subjects which a student can choose from and pursue a career of his dreams. In case of confusion, Edugo Abroad is ready to assist them and guide appropriate with a team of a highly experienced consultant who has placed more than 5000 students.

Along with the normal Technical courses, there are also courses like Hotel Management, Fashion Designing, Culinary Arts, Engineering and many more which are among the trending ones in Students nowadays.

Germany being a very versatile and pristine location for education shall groom an individual to become a very successful personality by sustaining there.

Anything else apart from Germany?

Just like Germany, Malta is another nation where one can prefer to study. Malta is a European nation famous for its beautiful coastline and lagoons. A tourist destination for many, but at the same time, peaceful and subtle for studies as well.

Malta has a British inspired education system and hence much similar to Indian Education one can say. Malta is a completely English-speaking nation and hence an added benefit to the Indian students it is. Apart from that many more things offered by Malta’s catalog are Easy admission and visa processes, earn and learn programs. Also, for such an exotic and beautiful location, one has an amazing student life awaiting at a moderate cost of 250 euros/month which is quite a bang for the buck.

Edugo Abroad clears your way straight to Malta for your educational needs. Get in touch with us for more details regarding the process details.

Edugo Abroad is a team of skilled and professional people who already helped 1000’s of students in fulfilling their Europe education dream. To know more about your Europe education scope and country option visit our website:

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