Top Business & Management Institute To Study In France – [NEW 2019 Guide]

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France has some of the most prestigious universities in Europe. Since France is recognized as one of the strong economic powers of Europe and one of the most important cultural centers of the world, students who want to study in France and can obtain a degree that enjoys international prestige. According to a survey, currently there are 250,000 international students in France and most French universities have 10% international students. France offers excellent environment for all international students.

France is a top destination for graduate education and has welcomed international students from around the world. It is an ideal location for earning a graduate degree in the business and management field due to France’s positions as an economic and social center in Europe as well as the world. Earning a Masters degree in Business, Economics and Administration in France can prove to be an exciting educational experience as students can benefit from the international student population, excellent academic programs, and plenty of professional and career development opportunities.

With top courses in Business, Management, Economics and Administration at graduate and post graduate level, students can get thorough understanding of theory and practice through comprehensive curriculum and subject specialization. Art, fashion and branding field courses are equally popular thanks to the top museums which encourage new talent. Students can gain essential knowledge in these while learning teamwork and management skills. These top business and management Institutes train students for leadership positions in the corporate world.

If the above points don’t convince you, here’s why students should choose France in 2019 for Business & Management course

  • Easy visa process for students with lesser chances of visa cancellation
  • 5 year visa after post graduation
  • Higher chances of getting a scholarship
  • English courses are taught in top universities
  • Good chances of placement in France as well as entire Europe
  • Quality Education
  • Option of paid internship
  • Liberty to do part time jobs
  • Free French language course for students

Following is the list of colleges students should consider to study in 2019:

  • Paris School of Business (PSB)
  • NEOMA Business School
  • École supérieure de commerce de La Rochelle
  • Institut supérieur d’électronique de Paris (ISEP)
  • ESAIP Graduate School of Engineering
  • Institut Mines Telecom
  • IMT Atlantique
  • College De Paris
  • The Pole Leonard DeVinci
  • École Pour l’Informatique et les Techniques Avancées
  • École Centrale de Nantes

We at Edugo Abroad every year helps numbers of students in fulfilling their Europe education dreams. We have exclusively partnered with top business and management universities of France.

The business and management is a very popular choice among students, if you want to know how business operates, learn about financial management or develop the unique skill of management, you must apply for studying in France.

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