4 Reasons To Study Engineering & Management in France

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Wherever someone mentions France, there are couple of things that come to the mind – architectural beauty, art, fashion and impeccable cuisine. Education is not something which pops in the minds of people.

But did you know, France tops as one of the destination for engineering and management degree after USA, China and Switzerland? Prospective engineers in search of high-quality international engineering educational opportunities can find a lot of opportunities to study in world-class universities.

France is also a favourite destination for a management degree. With top Business Schools like NEOMA, Paris School of Business, gaining acceptance across the world, France has a lot to offer as a study abroad destination. France higher education system is widely known for its well-established engineering and management courses. If this has inspired you to study abroad, here are the 4 Reasons to Study Engineering & Management in France.

1. World Class Education

Eiffel tower in France is the best example of engineering marvel and there shouldn’t be any doubts to study engineering in France. The ongoing engineering courses are thorough and extensive for their curriculum, which is globally accepted. Courses in universities fuse theoretical concepts with practical applications and are integrated with workshop sessions and company internships to know the current industrial demands.

Even French business schools in France have strong global reputations. Business Schools like NEOMA and Paris School of Business feature in the World Top 50 colleges. With a massive selection of dedicated business schools across France, there’s guaranteed to be a program and a location to interest you.

2. A Dynamic Opportunity

France is ranked amongst the best in the world in industries like fashion, automobiles, electronics, business management, agri based products and aerospace. France, especially Paris is known as the world’s top destination for business tourism and international trade fairs with events happening every month at an international level and participation from international delegates.

Whether you study engineering or management, you will get experience from the industry’s best along with quality education in the classrooms.

3. Innovation

France has seen many Nobel Laureates in recent history. A hub of research, the country’s education system as well as industry, actively seeks research scholars from around the world. With engineering innovation examples such as TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse or “high-speed train”), Canal du Midi and the Eurotunnel innovation runs high in the French blood. France recently topped all other European countries for innovation based on Thomson-Reuters’ roundup of the “Top 100 Global Innovators.”

4. Financial Support by French Government

French take their education very seriously and hence more than a fifth of France’s national budget is devoted to education. France’s government defrays a very large share of the true cost of education at public institutions —between €6,000 and €15,000 per student per year—thereby reducing the student’s tuition burden to as less as €250-€500.

The French government also grants numerous scholarships to international students through embassies in developing countries. The French Embassy awarded 7.1 crore Indian rupees (1.1 million Euros) to more than 300 Indian students in the last few years.

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