Why students get rejections in the France Student Visa?

Why Students get rejections in the France Student Visa?

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A foreign student who is keen to study in France will first and foremost require a France student visa. France has numerous application procedures for student visas depending on study courses and its duration.

An applicant should have secured a seat at one of the French universities or recognized educational institutes in the country without conditions.

There are four important types of student visas in France. One can opt for the visas based on the duration of studies, as mentioned during enrollment. The student visa categories include:

    • Short stay student visa – applicable if the course extends till a maximum period of 3 months. These visas do not require residence card for their stay in the country and cannot be renewed
  • Student-examination visa – applicable if students want sit for an entrance examination or admission test for getting into an institute and valid for up to 90 days. In case of success in the exam, the visa will be converted to long stay visa. The students will then have to apply for renewable residence card every year they stay.
  • Temporary long stay student visa – applicable to students who want to stay and study in France within 3 – 6 months. This visa does not need a residence card during their stay and cannot be renewed
  • Long stay student visa – Applicable to students who want to stay and study in the country for more than 6 months. It is valid for entire study period and is granted for three years for bachelor’s degree, two years for master’s degree and 4 years for securing a PhD. The visa includes the residence permit for staying in France.

One needs to choose the right visa before applying for the same. One should get accepted into a university, and then get the stamped visa. France student visa rejections are common because it is not easy for applicants to furnish financial proofs as well as adequate education proof in legible formats.Obtaining student visa also requires adequate preparation, as there are many reasons that can result in rejection.

Common reasons behind Visa rejection

  • Lack of sufficient financial funds that serve as proof to support your education expenses
  • Lack of adequate proof that confirms return to India after one’s intended study course is completed
  • Fake documents that involve forging of signatures in required documents, or fake proofs that benefit from identity etc.
  • Inadequate communication skills for studying in the country including lack of French or English language expertise
  • Missing documents that are required to be furnished at the time of application or documents do not have the required information that is required to approve student visa
  • Misbehavior during interviews that involve rude behavior, uncouth tendencies or harsh language
  • Failure to explain the study choice in a university adequately showcasing lack of knowledge and intention
  • Inability to provide answers that were asked during interview owing to different reasons

 Other than the reasons of rejection that can be more than listed above, one should remember the following dos and don’ts while applying for France student visa.

  • Fill the details in the Short Stay / Long Stay visa application form based on the duration of your course.
  • Apply for France student visa at least 8 weeks before the planned travel date so that the application procedure is completed on time before the course begins. Do not attempt to submit the application form before 3 months in advance of the intended departure date, since it will not be accepted by the authorities
  • Fill the application form with correct details without mistakes
  • Bring original copies and photocopies of all documents required for France visa application to be submitted to the Embassy or Consulate. Be ready to provide documents that may be demanded by the Visa Officer promptly

Do check on the above points before applying for France student visa and avoid rejection at all costs.

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