6 Tips for Indian students Interested in Poland Studies

6 Tips For Indian Students Interested In Poland Studies

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First of all, We appreciate your decision to move to a country like Poland rather than other European or American country. Trust me, you are not going to regret your own decision for the same. But before you land your foot on the foregrounds of this beautiful nation, let me help you with a few tips that could really be handy to you.

1. Have you figured out what and where to study? If not, do it first!

Since you are going to take a dive in the whole new waters it would be great for you to choose your Course and University wisely. There are quite a lot of Options available in terms of both courses and universities. Poland is one of the best places to study in Central Europe and you may get a plenty of options. But make sure you see options in all the cities not only Krakow and Warsaw.

2. Thinking about working along with studying?

We know that when you move to a country away from your own, most of the times you are self-dependent. Earning a buck for self isn’t that difficult as Polish laws allow a student to work part-time during regular days and full time during intervals. Also, because of the low cost of living and good remunerations, you might be able to earn quite a decent penny for self.

3. When to wake up and when to sleep?

Many a times when you move to the different country, the local time creates a huge pain for you as you don’t get the hang of when to do what. Eating, sleeping and speaking to the close ones at home becomes tough under such situation. Poland is just 3 hours and 30 minutes behind India, so it would be like you starting your day at 12 at noon apart from 9 in the morning. Easy Peasy.

FYI: Shopping centres are open Monday – Sunday, usually from 10 am to 9 pm. Local shops open early in the morning (7-8 am) and close at around 6-7 pm. Restaurants tend to open between around 11 am to 11 pm.

4. It’s Poland, not India!!!

Europeans are known throughout the world for their rules, regulations and punctuality. So being on time for your meetings and interviews and following the rules, (even the smallest ones) would be mandatory. Hefty fines are to be paid in case if you break the smallest rule like jumping on a signal. Not being punctual is considered as an insult there.

5. English is good but Polish is must!

Since you are moving to Europe, English may prevail up to a certain extent but learning Polish would be mandatory. You might find places where you may need to read different signboards or notifications which may not be in English so Polish would be quite handy and it’s never late to learn it. You learn it here or you do it there. But do it!

6. The circle and triangle concept.

The circle is marked for a Women/Ladies restroom and the triangle is marked for a Men’s restroom. Without a doubt, you would like to know that before you land on the Polish Airport and start searching for a Loo. Definitely, this piece of information might be rubbish but still useful for your first visit.

Keep in mind these small things before you move there and you’ll be fine. Last but not the least, have faith in yourself and the one above all.

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