Why Poland is the first choice country to study in Europe for Indian Students?

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Poland is a fantastic European country to study since students find their area of interest in education at reasonable prices. It is a dynamic member state of European Union and boasts of strong economy and good career prospects for the future, especially for all types of students.

Situated in Central Europe, Poland is surrounded by the Baltic Sea, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Germany, and some more countries. The country houses 38.2 million inhabitants and nearly everyone speaks Polish and English.

Here is why Poland is a first-choice country for Indian students during September 2018 intake:

Higher Education System

With 121 state higher educational institutions and 210 non-state higher educational institutions in the country, students get to choose from different courses and educational programs. One can apply to universities and professional institutions. and prepare themselves for specific professions with the help of 15-week internships that are part of the mandatory curriculum.
The structure of higher education mirrors the Indian setup, but the quality of education is top-notch. The educational programs are also provided in English language for International students.

Cost of Living

Poland is a country where the total cost of living is quite lower than other EU countries. The average costs differ from city to city. But students have the option to pursue studies within limited costs.


The culture of Poland is rooted in its thousand-year history and its geography bears the confluence of various other European regions. In the last century, the country has given importance to cultural advancement over political and economic activity.Nowadays,Poland is a developed country retaining its traditional values with Latin and Byzantine influences while traditional folk and modern art find equal place in Polish culture. The esteemed culture opens windows of the world for Indian students who study here.

Easier Visa Requirements

Students from EU countries do not need visas to study in Poland while Indian students need to apply for student visa before entering the country. They have to file a visa application at the Consulate of the Republic of Poland in India.A short-term visa can allow these students to stay in Poland for up to three months, while a long-term visa can ensure their stay for about a year. Visas can be extended once.

Technical studies programs

The Polish government has boosted its technical faculties with nearly US$60 million being spent on special scholarships for students at polytechnics and universities. More funds have been allocated over the years since 2008 for growth in technical studies.
The faculties of Poland universities primarily belong to IT studies, mathematics, mechanics, engineering, biotechnology and the like. Polish Technical universities are well known for their high quality of teaching and a wide number of research projects, which is why Polish students are highly acclaimed in international projects.

Job Opportunities

Poland offers several jobs for graduates and students. One can find jobs through daily papers and weekly job supplements. One can also find current job vacancies elsewhere.
Foreigners have increased steadily in the country since 2010, mostly in the sectors of agriculture and construction. For students who are well trained in language or IT skills in telecommunications,computer science and logistics, there are several jobs on offer. One can find some opportunities in education,banking and finance too.The minimum wage in Poland is stipulated at 317 euro per month. A student studying in the country can earn about 2.5 – 3.75 euro per hour, which is a decent rate.

In short, Indian students find Poland as an ideal destination for higher education and for pursuing multiple careers.

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