Study In Europe is becoming the next best choice for Indian students

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Do you know that India is the second largest source of international students in the world for overseas education?

As per research, India is likely to remain 2nd on this list for years to come but with different countries. Indian students were mainly exploring countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc… However, currently these countries are not the top choice in the minds of Indian students.

Going on a study abroad program remains a risk; most of Indian students take loans or family money to pay university fees and living costs. Now this demands a guaranteed career to choose a foreign study destination for Indian students.

In one of the research, over 75% Students mentioned that they are considering studying in USA. However, more than half the students said, with Mr. Trump being the newly elected president, they are far less likely to study in the US now, compared to before the elections. As trump has said he is against H-1B visas because of entering illegal entries in USA.

Indian Students planning to choose UK are now worried because of the impact of Brexit. Immigration criteria are been tightened and the post study visa is been reduced from 1 year to just 3 months, it is the time to rethink on the UK Option.

Students who are choosing Australia for their overseas study destination is finding difficulties in maintaining a budget. Indian students in Australia were facing some serious issues many years back because of discrimination. However, the government’s actions appear to own created positive that such events aren't recurrent and also the country is once more witnessing enrollments from Indian students.

One in every of the important disadvantage of finding out in Australia isn't any scholarship. So even if you are working as Part Time it is hard to manage between your living and study expenses.

So, with trump, Brexit, tighten Australian rules effect, “Famous Big Countries “are no more the obvious foreign study destination for Indian students. In fact, countries like Poland, France, Germany, Sweden etc. are now in Indian students’ consideration sets.

The study observes that Indian students are looking at countries where “education is considerably cheaper and part-time jobs are easier to secure.

Let us talk about some of the advantages of studying in European Countries.

Reasons behind why Europe is the ultimate destination for Overseas Education.

1. Top Class Universities:

Europe is outstanding for being home to top class colleges of the world. The European certificates and degrees are perceived all through the world and understudies can gaze upward to landing positions in any piece of the world.

2. The quality of Education:

Europe is recognized having a worldwide reputation of being a center of excellence. Apart from being offered state of the art facilities, there's plenty of scope for the scholars to become powerful thinkers thereby creating changes within the world to create it a better place to live.

3. Lower Fees:

Taking education in Europe is true amount of money. There are absolutely very nominal tuition fees charged by the universities here. Even the cost of living is quite reasonable and can be easy in the pocket for foreign students coming here.

4. Work Permits:

After completing the studies, Europe offers an opportunity for the overseas students to stay in any part of the continent for some time and obtain a work permit. Thus, he/she is allowed to work in any of the countries of Europe and earn handsome amount of money.

5. Variety of courses:

With a few colleges and universities offering an assortment of degree programs, Master Programs there are parcels to look over. You can obviously find the university suiting your requirements. From popular universities to small private colleges, the education sector in Europe has a variety to offer.

Universities in Europe have long welcomed students from India. With its unique combination of a modern and high-quality way of life connected to its rich historical heritage, Europe offers a study experience like no other. Make your career by study in a European country.

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