Why WSGE is the first choice of students to study in Poland?

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Indian students are forever stuck with complex courses and typical education standards in India. They are forever in the lookout of better education opportunities that also add to their skills and the success of their career in their respective fields. India does not offer streamlined opportunities for many fields in India, and most of the courses also do not have much credibility abroad. Also, even international courses need to be viewed with caution as they need to be affiliated and registered legally with topmost education agencies for offering quality education and valid certification that stands high enough to get employment opportunities anywhere in the world!

The WSGE is a premier educational institution, formed on 18th November 2002 and is a private university currently registered with identification number 257. For Polish students, the university offers multiple courses in management, administration and diplomatic law. For international students, there are bachelor and masters degrees in Business Administration, Tourism Management, Hospitality, Information Systems, Healthcare management and Engineering Management.

Although Poland presents wonderful education opportunities for students around the world,WSGE offers incredible professional opportunities, education potential and post-study work options are enormous.

Edugo Abroad is a well-known student visa consultancy that offers students the coveted chance to study at WSGE, Poland with multiple benefits. Here are some of the top benefits of studying in WSGE, making it the first choice for international students who wish to study in Poland:


  • Genuine degree: You obtain a European Diploma or a Degree at accredited University of the EU that is genuine and with great job prospects after study.
  • Friendly and experienced staff: Friendly spirit of the staff, with multiple professionals, experienced personnel, expert subject matter experts
  • Assistance in Visa and other formalities: Aid in visa processing, prompt invitations to students across the world, in complete cooperation with Polish Embassy and Border Guard
  • Setting up students in the country: Responsible for setting up students with a worthy life in Poland even after the degree. The Polish education system is welcoming to students in more ways than one.
  • Accommodation and Orientation:  Accommodation facilities provided by the locals with an easy-to-understand orientation day and activities that encourage talent and skill in the students

The university seeks to educate students based on their region, addresses the global economic impact and the requirement of such an economy. All the courses necessitate scientific research and facts and a strong bonding between the university and the Alumni. The university is well known for all its measures in the development of academic staff along with affiliations with high schools and other universities.

Here are some more benefits of studying in WSGE

  • Forge rewarding careers: Helping you forge a rewarding career in the domain of your expertise and leveraging the best opportunities in the country and elsewhere
  • Adds to your Personality: They help open your mind to new possibilities, increased independence, and rise in self-confidence.
  • Language learning: Develop language fluency in Polish as well as other European languages
  • Thorough guidance after study: Thorough preparation and guidance for performing well abroad in the field of your choice.
  • Exchange Programme support: International exchange programme through Erasmus that entitles students to study abroad and gather relevant work experience, especially in EU Countries like France, Ireland, Malta, Latvia, Portugal and the like.
  • Prompt Internships: Attractive internships in various spheres in top organizations in the country and worldwide.
  • Lucrative scholarships for best students: Offer scholarship for best students who boast of good performance and scores for encouragement.
  • Outstanding culture and tradition: The culture of Poland is closely associated with its geography of the Balkans and its historical evolution over its thousand-year history. The country is a highly developed country but still known to retain its traditions. Students can explore diverse cultural roots through the country too.

The Bologna Process stipulates that the Bachelor’s degree will last for 3 years while the succeeding master’s degree would last for 2 years. International students can stay and work in Poland after study too based on an extended 1-year job-seeking visa. The successful implementation of these programmes has led to distance learning programmes for students studying abroad.

Studying in WSGE is a dream come true for many students as it opens several avenues for career success in their chosen field and industry. Many students who have studied in Poland have expressed their satisfaction and the easy hassle-free benefits offered to them through easy accommodation, accepting culture, outstanding teachers, and certifications that stand high and mighty anywhere they apply in the world! Also, the university also helps students to acclimatize with the volatile economic scenarios and yet carve a distinct identity for consistent success in any situation.


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