Things To Know Before Moving To Poland - The Ultimate Guide

Things To Know Before Moving To Poland – The Ultimate Guide

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Starting from the textbooks:

Officially called the Republic of Poland is one of the major European countries with a semi-dense population of 38.5 million people. It’s the sixth most populous country of Europe. The capital of Poland is Warsaw with other major cities as Krakow, Lodz, Wroclaw to name a few.

Let’s start with a few simple and basic requirement before moving to Poland.

Earn and Learn in Poland?

Poland can be one of the best countries if you are willing to study and settle in European countries. Reason being the affordable lifestyle and low cost of living. Along with that you have a Graduation 3-year course’s tuition fee near to 3000 Euro and Masters/PHD Course fees around 4000 Euros which is way more reasonable than the fees of most of the American and Canadian Institutes.

Also if you consider working and settling yourself there itself in Poland, you might have that available with ease too. Visit Edugo Abroad for more details regarding relocating to Poland. They are the pioneers in relocation of students to European countries and definitely have the most things covered that you might be looking for.

How to communicate?

For a relief, people in Poland do speak English but to read most of those signboards everywhere around you, learning Polish would be handy. Trust me, its not that painful if you try.

Wouldn’t that be too costly to spend in Euros?

First of all, Poland doesn’t use Euros in spite of being a European country, they use Zlotys which has a fair and reasonable value than Dollar. 1 Zloty (or PLN) is equal to 0.27 USD and same is equal to 19.24 INR so if you are planning to travel a lot, it won’t hurt your pocket that deep and harsh.

What about the lifestyle there?

Poland is one of the countries in Europe that has a rather simple and low-key lifestyle compared to Germany and other European countries. People here prefer to stay rather simple than extravagant and hence make it ideal for people who prefer a low-pace situation to wrap around various things. You will have ample of time to go through all the details.

How to commute?

Most of the cities of Poland are well connected via trains. They also have Buses going around almost everywhere, but trains are a better and quicker options to acquire.

Riding trams in Polish cities is one of the best ways to get around, whether that means flitting between the museums of Warsaw or hopping bars in hedonistic Krakow. Be sure to keep a couple of coins handy while using local transports as most of the mechanisms to purchase tickets would accept only change.

Isn’t Poland too cold?

Without a doubt, Poland is freezing in the winters! In the months of December to March, one can easily expect a temperature in Minus. You might want to pack in an extra pair of thermal wear along with you in those days.

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