Which are the best European countries for studying abroad

Which are the best European countries for studying abroad?

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There are multiple attractive and affordable countries in Europe that are outstanding for foreign university students. Here are our top picks of best countries in Europe for studying abroad in terms of needs, budget, and expectations.

1. Poland

Poland is one of the few European countries that is still going strong on an economic front in recent years. With a rich cultural heritage and brilliant history, the country also boasts of great universities, the first Polish University being founded in the 14th century itself. More than 46,000 international students were recorded to have visited the country for study in 2014/15.

The country offers low living costs compared to many European countries while university fees are in the range of 3000 EURO per year. Additionally, students can opt for part time work permit during study term breaks and a chance to apply for permanent residence visa too.

2. France

France is EU’s second largest economy and ranks first worldwide in tourism. Studying in France also presents students to understand the French art of living well. With a rich cultural heritage, lovely countryside, fine restaurants and huge opportunities of acquiring higher education, France is well stocked with museums, libraries, theaters, and cafes that add a huge dimension to lifestyle.

The higher education system in France offers students coming from abroad the option to study full time, part time and even opt for remote study in some courses. There are also many opportunities for students who opt for degree programs and receive credit for the post-secondary work too.

3. Germany

Germany is one of the best countries for international students to study owing to several institutes offering specialized knowledge and skills. Studying in the country also offers terrific career opportunities in other countries and also in Germany.

The quality of teaching, and standard of living along with affordable tuition fees, make the country an attractive study destination for many foreign students. Many universities also offer high scholarships to the best students.

The best part is that German companies are always on the lookout of qualified graduates in different sectors in engineering, medicine, and IT.
Students are allowed to work part time even during their ongoing course period. They also get the opportunity to work for 18 months with search visa post study, which can be extended if there is no job within the period.

4. Hungary

Despite its small size, Hungary features great geographical diversity and a rich heritage too. The degree structure of tertiary education is well sorted with the Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree being offered for varied disciplines.

The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is the credit system in Hungary that ensures greater transparency in study, teaching methods and assessment processes too. The tuition fees are affordable and the country has a rich history of 650 years of offering quality higher education. Foreign students get the opportunity to apply to Govt. approved universities with even the chance of internship abroad. The moderate living costs and post study work options makes this country a perfect place for higher education.

5. Latvia

Latvia offers numerous higher education opportunities with 59 universities and colleges within the country. Several courses are offered in the universities including engineering, business, hospitality and the like.

Higher education programs in the country include both academic and professional courses and the process follows the Bologna system inclusive bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and doctoral studies. This is another European country that charges affordable tuition fees, globally recognized degrees, post-study options moderate living costs and several opportunities for leisure activities and sports.


The above list of 5 countries includes some of the best in Europe, offering a plethora of study options for foreign students in a variety of disciplines. Additionally, the affordability factor, prestigious degrees, post study work options and other factors make them truly the best places to study abroad, especially for Indian students.

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