5 Common Mistakes students make in choosing the overseas study destination

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Are you dreaming of study abroad and confused which country you should select? Which country is the best fit for you?

You should not make that decision before reading this post.

Shortlisting study abroad country is the biggest headache for some students. You cannot just select country because your friend has selected it.

This is the biggest common mistake students make in choosing the overseas study destination. One country may be appropriate for one student but it’s not necessarily same for another.

That’s why I have listed the 5 common mistakes you should not make before selecting overseas study destination.


5 Common Mistakes Student Making In Choosing The Overseas Study Destination:

1) Selecting Course:

The first and the foremost step every student must consider is selecting the right course.

Research shows that many students opt for MS courses than MBA courses for study abroad and not to mention many top ranked universities belong to the US.

But we cannot ignore country like Germany, which offers good quality of education at the fraction of cost.

Students also select France and Poland for lot of success visa ratio (over 95%) and no IELTS exam benefit.

Hence, before deciding your overseas study destination, you must select the course you want to opt for. This will help you to select the better country.

If you need any help in deciding the course and country for overseas education. You can contact us here.


2) Selecting Country:

After selecting the proper course. You must focus on selecting the proper country which has the good industrial base.

Selecting the top ranked college in the city/country that doesn’t have good industry base is of no use.

You are going abroad to give yourself a better lifestyle right and you will only be successful in your mission once you have a good job. Now you will only get a good job once you select the proper city/country for your study abroad program.

For example: selecting the top aeronautical engineering course in a top ranked college in some obscure land will take you nowhere.

Hence after selecting the proper course, you must select the proper city/country that is surrounded by companies/industries.


3) Return Of Investment (ROI):

Study abroad is always going to be costly. That’s why ROI is the first thing students must consider before opting for any course/country.

Students must consider following costs,

  • Cost of tuition fees
  • Cost of living

And return on investment is simply be calculated by the expected earnings of the course divided by cost of acquiring that course.


4) Opportunities for spouse/family:

Nobody likes to live alone. Not you, not me. That’s why you must not make this mistake in choosing your overseas study destination.

You must explore all the possibilities of taking your family to abroad once you’re settled there. You must understand all the countries policies and visa program.

We will help you in this.


5) Value of that degree back in India:

We always have to take the decision by counting the worst case scenario. So in some worst possibility, you might have to come back to India.

What will the value of that country’s degree?

That’s why one must choose course and country very wisely. If you don’t do that you might end up with the big student loan on your head with zero degree value and zero experience in your hand.


So these were the 5 common mistakes students are making while choosing overseas study destination.

I hope you won’t make same mistakes and you will choose course and country by keeping these 5 points in your mind.

If you need any help in that. You can always contact EduGoAbroad. We will be happy to help you out.

Which  mistakes you think students makes the most/would you like to add some more common mistakes students make which choosing overseas study destination? Do let me know in the comments below. I would love to read your feedback.

Choose your foreign education wisely 🙂 All the best!


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  1. Hello,

    Thanks for sharing this valuable and eye opening post. I’m really convinced that one should/must not repeat such mistakes while choosing overseas study destination.

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