Why Study in Europe after High School?

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The United States has always been the most preferred destination for Indian students for higher education. But a lot has changed in the recent years as the country has gone from a welcoming place for international students to an apprehensive one, where the international community is looked down and is subjected to severe scrutiny and suspicion. But not all is lost for students who aspire to study abroad and shape up their careers.

Europe it is! Gone are the days when Europe only meant UK as an option. Countries like Poland, France, Germany, Spain, Malta, Slovenia etc. are fast becoming the go to destinations for Indian students. Some of the interesting points are underlined below which indicates how Europe is a promising place to pursue higher education.

1) High standards of Research and Academia

Europe has been a birthplace of some of the most fascinating and critically acclaimed inventions. All the credit goes to their high standards of research ethics and strong academic foundations. This is further bolstered by strong financial and governance support by individual governments and European Unions. The universities not only impart high quality theoretical knowledge in their students but they also make sure that the students are equipped with employable skills by the time they graduate out of the university.

2) Value for investment

For some time the premier Indian education institutions have been steadily increasing their fees which only the affluent family kids can afford. For average students it is increasingly becoming a costlier affair to pursue quality education in the country. And the institutions which offer education at an affordable cost are too competitive a place to get into. In comparison to these institutions, most of the European universities are offering a better learning environment, infrastructure, and other facilities for the same cost. And most of the institutions allow their students to work alongside their studies, which makes their education even cheaper. Also, some of the students manage to land lucrative job positions back in India, owing to their international education background.

3) High Employment Opportunity

By instilling highly specialised skill sets and liberal post-study work permits, most of the Universities have ensured that their international students get enough job experience once they graduate. The governance has also made it very flexible for the local employers to sponsor the candidate while he/she is still studying! Some of the German Universities are offering free German classes to its international diaspora while they are studying so that the language barrier doesn’t become a deterrent for the students to get employment. This not only ensures that the student has a better chance to bag a better placement in future but also relieves him of the stress of loan payment.

4) Easy Financial Aid and Scholarships

European universities have some of the most liberal and transparent policies when it comes to offering financial assistance and scholarships to the well deserving students. The EU, on the lines of ERASMUS scheme, has taken it forward to the next level and has planned to fund international students and teachers even more aggressively through their ERASMUS + initiative.

5) Exposure to international culture

One can’t stress enough on the fact that travel does expands one’s perspective about the world. Europe has always been a focal point of major global events and has managed to become a confluence of different culture, tradition, development, ideas etc. European Universities boasts of high number of students coming from different parts of the globe. With such a high level of diversity in the campus, it is going to be a life changing experience for anyone who is exposed to such a vivid and exciting campus life.In fact, Germany has allowed its students to carry a blue card which gives them access to all the other European Union (EU) countries. This is an excellent chance for the students to explore different cultures and imbibe their values.

To be relevant in today’s fast paced environment, one’s survival and ability to tackle challenges thrown at them (vice-versa) depends on their personality. As part of one’s formative years, education plays a very critical role in defining one’s personality. Apart from countries like Canada and Singapore, most of the erstwhile preferred education destinations (e.g. US, Australia) are fast losing their appeal among Indian students due to various reasons. Even the UK government has curtailed its liberal post-study work policies and have introduced tougher laws for overseas students. Closer home, barring a few institutions, the education system is not capable enough to cater to rising demand for quality education either.
Until this scenario persists it is only wise to look at Europe as the ultimate education destination.

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