Other Unique courses

Other Unique courses

Vatel is the 1st Worldwide Business School Group in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Today, with over 35 campuses across the world, Vatel certifies the same internationally targeted courses to 7000 students based on the right balance of theoretical courses and professional applications. There are many successful Vatel Course in Malaysia.

Golden Future brings this opportunity to study in Vatel School of hospitality Management in City University, Malaysia. With City University student gets an amazing chance to earn two international degrees at one go. On top of it, student attains 3 internships of 4-6 months each year in Malaysia as well as in other abroad Vatel school. Hence, studying Hospitality Management in Vatel truly offers more than just a Degree!

  • Awarded as the best Hospitality management school
  • 1st year a paid internship (4-5 months) in Malaysia
  • 2nd & 3rd year paid internships (4-6 months) in abroad Vatel school
  • Partnered with world’s most premium hotel chains
  • 3 years of complete training program to build the best Vatelien
  • Easy application as well as visa process
  • Very reasonable fees structure

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