French Language Crash Course

Exclusive For Students Applying For French Study Visa

Visiting France

For Abroad Studies?

Just imagine this - You landed in France with a strong grit & determination to study at your desired university. But how will you even get to the hostel if you're unable to explain your location to the cab driver or bus driver! Inability to speak the basics of French can prove to be quite a hurdle while settling into your new routine life. From ordering food to getting a part-time job or even interacting socially, French becomes an integral part of your student life.

Learning French Does Make Your Life A Lot Easier In France!

Learning the basics of French will not only make your social life easier but also increase your chances of part-time employment. Our own survey on 500+ students who went to France for higher education concludes that students who learnt a bit of French secured a part-time job within just a couple of months. Not only that but they were able lead a quality life while on a student visa & post that.

Hence, we have designed a very unique & flexible French crash course to take you through the basics of conversational skills & improve your grasp of the French language. Upon its completion, you will be able to:

- Engage in Casual Conversations

- Commute in State Transport

- Understand the French Culture

- Enhance chances to secure Part-Time jobs

Learn From The Expert French Tutor

Audrey pursued Political Sciences and graduated with a Master in Communication. She has studied in several countries & her educational journey spans across France, Spain, Mexico and UK. She started teaching French at the Universidad Benito Juárez of Oaxaca in Mexico 15years ago. Since then, her career as a French tutor has only progressed & crossed international borders. She taught in some private institutions at Barcelona, Spain and worked with the French chamber of commerce in London, UK. She also collaborated with some local associations to help migrants in Paris. Her versatile teaching approach enables her to coach students, professionals, adults and she carefully adapts the content to the learners' needs. With a strong command over 8 languages, she always prioritizes taking care of the students’ needs & pain points, leaving no one behind.

Course Details

What Is It And Who Is It Designed For?

The aim of this particular course is to familiarise the students with the basics of the French language to help them easily assimilate into the French Culture. It is ideally designed for the France student aspirants and consists of 5 sets of modules. The course will teach students not only to tackle the daily tasks but also how to present themselves in various casual and professional situations. In essence, the course will enable students to lead a smooth life in France - right from their initial months to their gradual settlement.

Step 1. The Preparation Test

Students would be requested to send in a short WhatsApp video, answering 5 questions, 4 days before starting the course. The purpose is to evaluate your level before starting so that the tutor can customise the course according to your strengths and weaknesses.

You have to answer the following questions:

a. Comment t’appelles tu, quel est ton âge, d'où viens tu?

b. Décris- moi le trajet de chez toi à ton école?

c. Sais tu compter?

d. Décris moi ton expérience scolaire et professionnelle.

e. Quelles sont tes passions?

Step 2: The Learning Begins

The course is just 10 hours long and divided into a set of modules. Following is the course content:


Step 3: The Certification Test

At the end of the program, students will be asked to take the certification test which will validate their learnings.

This certificate can massively strengthen your profile and give a major impetus to your career via part-time jobs.

Also, the flexibility of the certification test enables you take the exam at your own convenience.

What Makes This Course The Best Option?

Flexible Timing

Online Learning

Certified Tutor From France

Quick & Crisp Modules

Students Testimonial

  • Shanya Banerje

    The French crash course was a very good beginner 's course which helped me greatly as it helped refresh a lot of the basics I had forgotten. Ms Audrey was very helpful and would go above and beyond to answer my numerous questions be it in class, on mail or even whatsapp. I only wish the duration could have been longer!

    Shanya Banerje
  • Yash Goswami

    Overall it was a good experience, and also, Andrey mam was very cooperative and she taught us French very well.

    Yash Goswami
  • Prabhu Kashinath

    I had a great experience in French online class about basic information and conversions about French culture. The teacher ma'am was great and humble.

    Prabhu Kashinath

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