VFS Checklist for Malta Visa

Have planned to study in the beautiful country of the world, Malta, but worrying about the lengthy visa process! VFS is the most preferred visa process because of its updated solution over the traditional method. It is an updated version of a conventional way which reduces unnecessary effort.

So, take a quick visit to some essential elements before applying for Malta

Before filling out the application form (step 5) and booking an appointment (step 6), please prepare the following documentation for your student visa:

*No documents should be printed back to back
1 Application Form duly filled in and signed by the applicant.
2 One recent Passport size photograph in colour with white background (3.5cm by 4.5cm). Please do not staple the photographs to the Application Form.
3 Passport/Travel document must:
a) Be valid for at least 3 months after the intended stay;
b) Be issued within the previous 10 years and not valid for more than 10 years;
c) Have at least 3 blank pages.
4 Overseas Travel Medical Insurance valid for all Schengen countries. The insurance must cover the applicant for at least 30,000 Euros (or equivalent) all risks (accident, illness, medical emergency, evacuation, etc). The policy must clearly specify the period of validity and must cover the entire duration of the stay in Malta including the date of arrival and departure. The Insurance may only be purchased from one of the
16 Schengen recognized Insurance Companies in India.
5 Confirmed Travel Itinerary with travel dates (with return flights for courses less than 91 days). Once the Visa is approved, a confirmed return flight ticket may be requested prior to Visa being issued.
6 Proof of Sufficient Funds to cover all expenses (tuition fee + daily expenses) during the entire period of study. Notarised declaration if parents/legal guardian sponsoring.
a) Letter (signed and stamped) from the bank stating the available balance
b) Last 6 months original Bank Statement of student or sponsor
c) ITRs accompanied by the CPC acknowledgement (verified) for the last 3 years,
7 Original Letter of Acceptance from the educational institution in Malta stating: course dates; cost; duration; & title; contact hours per week; amount of credits awarded; whether applicant has been interviewed and accepted for the course; and, monthly rent and address, if accommodation is provided.
8 Course Details: a copy of the time table and a schedule of lessons per every month of study
9 Proof of Accommodation for the duration of the course
Either: i) Confirmed Hotel Booking
Or: ii) ‘Declaration of Proof’ completely filled in, signed by the host and photocopy of host’s Malta ID Card or Passport. All in original and all witnessed by (Maltese) Legal Professional.
This is not required if the Letter of Acceptance from the Educational Institution in Malta provides for accommodation and includes the address.
10 Proof of Payment:
Proof of payment received by the education institution related to the applicant’s course for the entire period of study:
i) For courses of a value of up to €1,000, the original receipt covering full payment;
ii) For courses of a value of more than €1,000 but less than €2,500, the original receipt covering at least 75%;
iii) For courses of a value that is equal to or higher than €2,500, the original receipt covering at least 50%;
11 Original Educational Certificates, apostilled by the Ministry of External Affairs of the issuing country plus photocopies of the same. Originals will be returned with passport.
12 Original & photocopy of all the pages of current and the last previous passport
13 Notarized No Objection Certificate by both parents if applicant is a minor
14 Adhaar Card (along with a photocopy)

i) The High Commission reserves the right to request further documentation and/or personal interview.
ii) Submission of the above documentation does not guarantee that a visa is granted
iii) Documents should be submitted in original. Should you wish to keep originals kindly include
an A4 photocopy as well, but bring the originals when submitting applications.

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