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Promoting the highest standards of ethics, education, courses and professional excellence is a part of our mission, We have a long history of working with renowned educational institutions of Europe. Along with bridging the Indian student to European education, we make sure to ease the process for universities to pool the best talent from India. The diverse talent of our students & nobility of university, enhances the quality of education helping everyone to grow.

Who We are?

Edugo Abroad is a rapidly growing Europe education specialist located in India. Since our inception in 2008, we have steadily outperformed foreign education domain by bringing best options and top-notch services for our partnered Universities. Our aim is not to be the biggest but to be the best and skilled professionals within our niches.

Our business consists of ambitious, focused and goal oriented people, while valuing students and universities at our core. We identify best candidates for universities through our 360° degree marketing efforts and 1000+ sub agents.

Every year we enroll 1000+ students for Europe study. With 10 branches and our network over India, Edugo Abroad is pioneer in Europe student visa consulting, providing the best services in India for more than a decade.

Why We're Universities' First Choice?

With 4 branches all over India, we also work with reputed universities in more than 25 European countries like France, Ireland, Malta, Denmark, UK, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and we are still growing the network that will help universities to find the best candidate they are looking for.

  • We Find The Right Students For You
  • We Have A Ready Agent Channel Across India
  • We Run Universities Awareness Programs
  • We Are Commited To Our Targets
  • We Follow Seamless Process
  • We Also Support Student Exchange Program

Become Our University Partner

Our Marketing Approach

Edugo Abroad understands the importance of marketing and growth - as an admission partner of the university, we do several marketing campaigns using both digital and traditional media. We help universities to find the best students using our 11+ years of expertise in the foreign education domain.

From conferences to spot admissions, we promote numbers of universities and their courses across India. We are like a bridge that connects you with the right candidate.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Print Media
  • Conferences
  • Blogs
  • Press Releases

University Visits:

Our network is one of our core assets. Edugo Abroad takes regular visits to European universities. It helps us to get a close perspective about their campus, courses, culture and lifestyle. Regular visits guide us to get more knowledge about the university. The gain from these visits reflects in our counselling process. These visits help us to counsel the students more efficiently. When a student plans to study abroad, he has thousands of doubts regarding the new place, life, course, work scope and many more. Now we can satisfy the queries of our students and partners more efficiently.

Our visit also has some formal purpose, in the case when the university is certifying us as an official admission partner. With the regular visit, we robust the relationship with the university so that the admission related procedures can be more smoothly. University visits create effective communication. It strengthens the trust between university, students and our partner for a long successful journey.

Certified Partner With Several Universities

Since 2009, Edugo Abroad has been a respected leader as an admission partner for Europe studies. As pioneers in the Europe education landscape, we are certified and recognized by several high achieving and accredited European universities including from countries like France, Ireland, Malta, Switzerland, UK and many more.

Our Awards & Recognizations

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