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Europe is one of the prominent continents in the world with significant prosperity in geographic and demographic wise. European countries are the top leading countries which show their dominance in education structure around the globe.

European countries are the home of top universities and educational institutions. They offer a wide range of accredited programmes to Indian students at affordable cost, that has a greater value on the global level. Most of the universities in Europe including Poland, France, Latvia, Germany, Ireland, Malta, Hungary and Denmark offer 100% English programmes, so the language is not the restriction when it comes to studying in Europe.

With Edugo Abroad the visa process is also very simple. With most of the countries, we have over 90% of visa success. European countries provide a good span of PSW to Indian students which help them to get jobs easily. So go through some frequently asked questions, listed below, for better understanding.

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#1. Why should I choose Europe for study abroad?
Ans. European countries are the center of world-class universities and a hub of top fortune companies to work along with a great lifestyle. Top-ranked universities offer a wide range of accredited courses in 100% English language, which proved it's quality and standards education. The education structure of European countries are students friendly like it's an easy student visa process, work while studying and in many universities, you can apply without IELTS. It is worth studying in Europe due to great job opportunities with international exposure and easy settlement options. Study fees and daily living expenses are also low compare to USA, Canada, and Australia. So choosing European countries is always a better choice.

#2. When should I start to plan study abroad?
Ans. You can apply for bachelor and master programmes in European universities. Generally, students prefer pursuing master programmes in abroad countries and there are two reasons behind that.

  • In master programmes students get more options to choose from and numerous opportunities to built careers.
  • The education world at the masters level is more understandable to an adult mind and they can utilize all resources to it's fullest in their abroad study duration, helping them to bloom their skills and make them ready for the real world.

#3. Why I need a study visa consultant?
Ans. For the easiest way to get a student visa, a visa consultant upholds a prominent role. They give you authentic information including university & course selection and helps in student profile creation without getting biased to a particular institute. They have the expertise in the study visa process from filling out the application to preparing for the interview. They will guide you on every step of your visa process, explain you the visa requirements and mentor accordingly.

#4. Should I need to learn local language of European country for studying in Europe?
Ans. No, when you select a college for an international student, the majority of collages conduct their educational curriculum in English. It is also mentioned in the courses provided by the University. While all your academics are in English. It is advised to learn a basic level of language for normal conversations in public places like a grocery store, supermarket, railway, and bus station and other public places. While your academics is 100% English learning another language is a plus point for you and your career.

#5. How much it will cost to study In Europe?
Ans. Apart from the quality education, the affordability of courses in Europe is quite normal, which puts it on the first choice for Indian students. Booming countries like Latvia, Malta offer quality education programmes, fee range from 2 to 3 lakhs. Fee range also depends on the type of course, for management courses fee comparatively high in France, UK and Ireland but it is limited within 10 to 15 lakhs.

#6. How long it takes to process student visa?
Ans. After submitting the study visa application for European countries, maximum it will take 90 days, but in many countries, if your background is strong, you have a chance of getting a visa in just 3 days. A student visa for European countries is also known as a Schengen visa. With the help of VFS you can make your study visa process more easy and quick.

#7. Are there any scholarships available in Europe for Indian students?
Ans. Yes, there are several scholarships available in European countries for Indian students. Scholarships are offered by government / private bodies and organizations, which cover full or partial educational expenses. Many universities have their own scholarships programmes, and in some cases, you can apply it directly during the admission time. We listed all the available scholarships in the 10th number FAQS

#8. How to get PR and work permit in Europe?
Ans. Getting PR after completing your studies in European countries is not as hard as you think but not that easy also. Almost in every European country, you will receive 2 years post-study work permit. As a student, you have to make sure to work in a recognized company so after 2 years of work permit that the company can hire you again for the longer term. Also, ensure to pay all taxes on time and don't make any offence in the country during that period. Almost every country have the same process for PR, but there might be some little changes as per your profile. Read More

#9. Is it possible to study with low budget in European countries?
Ans. Yes, choosing Europe for abroad studies is very affordable compared to other countries like USA, Australia, Canada. It looks costly compare to India, but the quality of education provided at the cost is unbeatable and students who have low study budget can get quality education easily. Government support for a student makes it possible to study in Europe at a low cost and affordable price. Latvia, Hungary, Malta, Italy, Greece are some of the countries which provide quality education at a very affordable cost.

#10. Are there any scholarships in Europe for Indian students?
Ans. Yes, a number of direct and indirect scholarships are available when an Indian student applies for any European country to study. Not only the Indian government but the respective country's government also provide scholarships for Indian students. Here is the list of scholarship Indian student can apply for

  • British Chevening Scholarships (UK)
  • DAAD Scholarships with Relevance to Developing Countries (Germany)
  • Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme (France)
  • Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students (Switzerland)
  • Italian Government Bursaries for Foreign Students (Italy)
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree
  • Charpak Scholarships

that's not all there are other scholarships that you can get via the university.

#11. What are the admission requirements for Europe studies?
Ans. This is the most asked question and we are happy to provide the complete admission requirement for European studies. To get admission in top management and business schools, students need to score atleast 60% of marks in their previous academics and to apply in other European universities your result must be above 50%. While in countries like Ireland, Denmark and Netherland IETLS is mandatory. Some requirement depends on the country and university, but these are the most general requirement that satisfies the admission terms.

#12. How to apply for Europe study visa?
Ans. The process of applying for Europe study visa is way more easy with the VFS. For those who are not aware of VFS, it is a standardized process created to make the visa application easiest and faster. You can find more detailed information on our website. In VFS you have to submit all necessary documents and after that one interview is organized at country embassy office. Once the interview is done, you can expect your visa in next 15 days. In the rare application, it will take 15 to 90 days.

#13. Student visa requirements for Europe study?
Ans. The student visa requirement varies on countries and universities but below are some of the common requirements to apply in European countries.

  • Academic documents
  • Language prophesies certificate
  • Admission letter form university
  • Letter of invitation
  • Accommodation proof
  • Health insurance
  • Financial status documents
  • Visa application form

To find more specific details, check our VFS checklist according to the country.

#14. What is VFS?
Ans. VFS refers to Visa Facilitation Services as the fastest visa process. VFS process, an updated solution of traditional visa procedure, is formed in your way to give you a hassle-free study visa. The VFS process helps to reduce the unnecessary effort of documentation like student visa application & student visa requirement, legalities & time consumption and gives you easy and quick visa solution. With our expertise in study visa we make it faster by building a strong visa profile that increases the chances of getting a study visa easily and hassle free.

#15. How Europe education consultant will help me?
Ans. Europe education consultant is the one who has expertise in the Europe study visa process. In European abroad study, they take care of your complete visa processes like the selection of university, course and your profile creation. they prepare the student from visa application to the interview preparation. Their structural method of consultancy will help you in the overseas visa application.

#16. Why select Edugo Abroad for Europe studies?
Ans. Edugo Abroad is one of the best Europe education consultants in India. It's 10+ years of experience in Europe education consulting make it a leader in the education consulting industry. We have a strong root to top European countries or universities with a great network. Edugo Abroad provides the best study options from recognized universities in Europe. Its consulting service helps in admission, visa application, interview, university and course selection. Every year more than 1000+ students apply for Europe study visa through Edugo Abroad. So choosing Edugo Abroad means choosing a trusted friend for your shining career.

#17. How Edugo Abroad will help me in my abroad study?
Ans. Edugo Abroad has expertise in the Europe study visa process. Before filling the student visa application, we will create your strong profile and build your resume, which will put a long-lasting impression after then will take care of application form filling. We have a set of mock interview tests which will prepare you for a final interview. This process will be handled by our assigning of the personal support team. We are here to provide you direct help in abroad study from application to course completion.

#18. How long does studying abroad programs take?
Ans. Most masters programs are the students preferred choice and their course duration is 1-2 years. Studying abroad programme span depends on the selection of course. Different courses have different time duration basis of choice of course.

#19. Can I work while studying abroad?
Ans. Yes, You have work opportunities while studying abroad. Mostly all the countries provide work permits for the students. The labour wage is also quite good which will help to afford the quality of life there. They also give two years of PSW. In this time duration, you can search job and work there for two years.

#20. How to apply for a study visa with a spouse?
Ans. In European countries like Denmark, Netherlands, Finland and the UK, do have spouse/dependent category. In these countries, the student can apply for a spouse along with their student application. So in such countries, spouses will only need to show one-year living expenses. Apart from these countries like France, Ireland and other, spouses can apply easily and post main applicant can get a job

#21. What are the benefits of studying in Europe?
Ans. Europe is one of the most popular destinations among the Indian student when it comes to studying abroad. European countries are the home of world-class universities and fortune companies which provide jobs to students at a large scale. Let's see some Pros of study in Europe

  1. You can apply without IELTS
  2. 2 Year PSW
  3. Quality Education
  4. Affordable Education
  5. Apply with Spouse
  6. 100% visa Success

#22. Why study masters programs in Europe?
Ans. There is a wide range of programmes for Indian students which make European universities prominent across the world. But choosing Europe for masters programmes is like the cherry on top. For masters programmes, Europe has the world's best-recognised universities which provide accredited courses for Indian students.

#23. Why study management program In France?
Ans. Many of France’s business and management schools stands among the global elite. French universities offer a wide range of accredited programmes of an international standard at an affordable price for management students. These accredited programmes are parallel aligned to the industry requirements, so after completing your business studies, you can work in some top fortune companies which are located in France.

#24. How to contact Edugo Abroad team for Europe study visa?
Ans. For Contacting the Edugo Abroad, you can mail us or you can visit our website, we also have an appearance on all the social networking sites. Our student visa support team is always there for you to help and solve all the queries.

#25. What after service do Edugo Abroad provide?
Ans. Edugo Abroad is known for fulfilling their commitments towards the students by providing after services to our students when he or she reaches Europe. We provide 10 to 15 days of support from the accommodation, airport pickup to job assistance. This is the crucial stage and we know how to take care of our students' needs.

#26. How much time will it take to get admission in European university?
Ans. The admission time period for European universities depends on the type of assessment criteria of university and country. For different universities and different programmes, the processing time is also different. Normally it takes approx 15 to 90 days but with a strong profile and background, the admission process can also be completed within three days.

#27. Is study gap acceptable In Europe study visa?
Ans. Yes, a study after a gap is acceptable in Europe study visa but certain conditions keep in mind, as the past education history of the candidate should be strong. The student needs to have a degree in a certain field, not a diploma or something. Study gap is accepted up to 8 years but in some cases, it goes to 13 years. So the time gap is not a big issue, just candidates should have strong qualifications to apply for a visa after study gap.

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