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With comprehensive European Countries, lucrative revenue opportunities and unwavering channel support, Edugo empowers partners to succeed in complex Europe Education Space.

Dedicated Course Finder For European Universities
Gain exclusive access to an advanced course finder, simplifying your role as a counselor.
Access to 15+ EU Countries & 550+ Top Universities

Freedom of choice beyonds just 1 or 2 options and explore 8,000+ courses in 15+ EU countries

Human-Centered Approach with Tech Support

At the core of our approach lies the perfect blend of technology and dedicated human assistance.

Earn up to 100% commission hassle-free

Earn your commission promptly and hassle-free, without settling for anything less.

Our Legacy of 13+ years in Europe Study Space

Over 550 universities

Offering 8000+ top programs

With a network of 1000+ channel partners

Serving in more than 10 countries including Sri Lanka, Africa, Middle East, Bangladesh & more!

Next-Generation Technological Capable Partner Portal

Europe education course finder

Our course finder is an exclusive feature of our portal that offers quick and easy access to finding, selecting, and sharing universities across nearly 20+ European countries in only 2 minutes.

A unified dashboard for easy management

With a focus on detail, our well-crafted dashboard streamlines your students' profiles while also providing all other essential information. but also allowing you to check the process status of each profile.

Simply tracking of your students’ programs

With this feature, partners can easily keep track of various aspects related to their students' programs, such as enrollment status, visa progress and any other relevant information.

An exclusive resource hub

Our partner portal is a plethora of information on the top European universities that every counselor needs while advising students.

Quick Hands-On How To Use Partner Portal

The video provides a comprehensive demonstration of how to utilize our Partner Portal, ensuring effective understanding of the entire process. By connecting to our Partner Portal, you become our valued companion on our successful journey. We have established connections with over 500+ universities in more than 25 countries across Europe, enabling us to share our extensive experience with partners and foster global connections.

Our seamless course finder facilitates the discovery of the best universities that align with your students' profiles, offering a wealth of information. This presents our partners with an opportunity to increase their revenue and earn substantial commissions. Moreover, it not only provides educational opportunities for our partners' students but also supports the growth of their businesses. Through our Partner Portal, we introduce partners to leading universities that attract their students, opening doors to new dimensions of success.

Empowering Partners Through Meetup

Effective communication is vital for successful business partnerships, and we prioritize this by organizing regular meetups. Our meetups are group sessions that focus on the latest activities related to universities and the admission procedure. We understand that any recent updates can significantly impact business, so we ensure timely communication regarding them, such as changes in fee structures, application processes, or visa rules.

During our meetups, seminars are conducted by various counselors and university representatives who provide comprehensive explanations about current university affairs and share valuable insights. We give utmost priority to discussing any changes in documents and visa rules in these gatherings. Our meetups are driven by a commitment to transparency in processes, fostering profitable business relationships.

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