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With stunning sceneries, unspoiled areas and many more attractive points, Ireland is one of the popular destinations which lead it to be among the world's 20 most beautiful countries. Immense opportunities with stunning growth that Ireland offers to its students.


Ireland is a small island nation, located on the western-most tip of Europe. Its worldwide reputation for high-quality education is built on the solid foundation of the commitment to excellence. Along with a beautiful island, Ireland is full of opportunities that make it a popular destination for students who are looking for studying abroad. Ireland is home to many renowned universities with a large international student population.

  • Hub of IT, Pharma & Aviation Industry
  • Straight 2 Year PSW
  • Part Time Job Opportunities
  • 100% English Speaking Nations
  • Already a Good Student Base
  • Globally Recognized Degree

Why Ireland through Edugo Abroad

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Why Ireland for IT, Pharma & Aviation studies?

Dublin is the hub of top tech giants companies like Facebook, Google, Salesforce, Dropbox, Twitter etc. Over 50% of Ireland's GDP comes from top IT and Pharma companies. Ireland, as a country, has lots of options for students who want to pursue a career in IT and Pharma.

Atlantic Aviation Institute of Ireland is located next to Ireland airport where you can study various aviation programs. In AAI you can study EASA approved aircraft maintenance programs. With a comprehensive support system in place for international students, studying in Ireland is definitely a life-changing experience.

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Universities to apply in Ireland

  • Griffith
  • DBS
  • AAI Ireland
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  • 20
  • 19
  • 18
  • 17
  • 16
  • 15
  • 13
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Fees Structure & Opportunities in Ireland

20+ Universities

In Ireland, you can study IT, Pharma, Management & Aviation courses from the renowned universities and institutes.

IELTS Required

IELTS is mandatory for admission if you are planning to study in Ireland's top universities.

Average Fees From 10 - 12 Lakh

Fees structure of Ireland universities is affordable; you can apply and study your favourite courses in 10 - 12 Lakh.

Visa Success Rate Almost 100%

Our visa success rate for Ireland studies is almost 100% from the last many intakes.

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Why Study In Ireland?

Ireland, A beautiful island in Europe who has established itself for remarkable economic growth in the world. Ireland is one of the most leading & prosperous countries in Europe. This country is the hub of top fortune companies, leading industries, manufacturing, institutes, Architecture, Science research and Tourism. Irish companies & institutes are spread in all the streams from agriculture to IT industries. So the diversity in Irish culture is not just limited to demography but in job opportunities too. Better lifestyle and career possibilities make this destination popular among international students.

Recently, Ireland emerged as the top destination to study among Indian students. Recognized universities and institutes are some of the attraction points for Indian students when it comes to choosing a country to study abroad.

Study In Ireland With World Class Education

Ireland is known for providing world-class quality education to its students. Their universities offer a great variety of accredited courses and programs in Medical, IT, Pharma, Management, Business, Engineering, Journalism, Architecture, Travelling, Aviation and Hospitality. Their well-qualified faculties and highly trained staff are dedicated to giving quality education to students. Irish universities have all the modern facilities, equipment and infrastructure, which make sure the excellent learning of the students.

Work Opportunity In Ireland

Ireland has a diverse industry but still, there are some industries which have a greater role in Ireland economy Like IT & Pharma. These are the two primary industries which give a contribution of more than 50% to Ireland's economy which clearly state that exposure in this field is abundant. This vast industry provides large job opportunities to the students.

The world's top IT & Pharma companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Pfizer etc. are established in Ireland. Courses & programmes in Irish universities go parallel along with the IT & Pharma industries, which help to develop the required skill set in the students and prepare them for direct college placement and other job opportunities in these companies. Irish universities provide the 100% English courses with great options so the language is not the constraint now. Simple knowledge of English is sufficient to study there.

Career Growth & Settlement

Irish Government also provides a 2-year of PSW refer as a post-study work permit to Indian students. It reduces the pressure to get the job in a hurry so the student has enough time to settle and plan his future. It can also extend in case of further study. It reduces job hassle. There are also lots of part-time jobs available in Ireland. Irish universities help their students to get the internships and job and provide the required support. Simple English language is the only requirement that students should have. Ireland has a good labour wage which helps to afford their lifestyle smoothly. The wage is decided according to the norms of the Irish government and it is strictly followed across the country

Edugo abroad is one of the top education consultants with a dedicated team in India located at Ahmedabad. Our close collaboration & strong connection to the Irish universities provide great trust to students. Our team helps students from application to the final interview and take care of all the documents and legalities. We make sure our students get a quality education at an affordable price.

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