VFS Checklist for Greece Visa

The last thing a student needs before starting a new educational journey is a dreadful challenge in the form of a long and arduous visa process. But thanks to the VFS process, you can now say goodbye to the traditional process of visa.

VFS has replaced the traditional visa process by delivering quick and easy Visa solutions to the students. It is a highly efficient method that minimizes the efforts put in & the number of documents required.

So, here's a complete Greece VFS checklist.

Please make sure to go through the Greece student visa requirements before applying.

Application form for a Long Stay “D” Visa
Photos (with white background)
Valid passport, not destroyed, with validity of at least 1.5 years (1 year and 6 months) from the date of submission of the application
Proof of sufficient funds to cover the living expenses during the stay in Greece (equivalent to at least € 400 per month during the period of studies)
Recent original Police Clearance Certificate with Apostille. The validity of Police Clearance Certificate should be not more than three (3) months from the date of submission of the application at the Visa Application Centre for Greece.
Travel insurance valid for the 1st year (50,000 USD)
Visa fees of € 90, equivalent in INR 7,110 /-, payable in cash in INR at the time of submission of the application at the VAC
Letter of Acceptance from the University
Relevant approval of operation form from the Ministry for Education in Greece of the Greek College or University that you have been accepted
Academic Documents
Details regarding the studies (whether courses will be conducted in Greek or English etc)
Proof of payment of fees Payment
Affidavit of Sponsor
Affidavit of Oath
Cover Letter
Blocked Air Ticket

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