Finland VFS Checklist

Finland continues to attract a steady volume of students from India. With the help of smooth VFS process, students can now get study visas quickly.

So before applying for a Finland study visa, check out some crucial points and mandatory documents required for the visa process.

Sno Document Notes
1 Passport
  • Color photocopy, first & last page of passport
  • Give copy of any pages that have valid visas
  • Give copy of any pages that have any special endorsements
  • Only current passport is required, not old or expired passports
The applicant’s passport is returned after verification at the VFS center
2 Passport photo Two (2) color photos (glossy), plain light background
as per standards (
3 Official id Doc showing you are legally resident
Only needed if you are not an Indian citizen or Indian passport holder (OCI)
4 Letter of acceptance University letter indicating the course, duration of course, starting date, and tuition fees
5 Income clarification
  • The applicantmust have a bank account in his/her own name
  • Joint accounts are accepted only for minor (under 18 years at the time of application)
  • The account must have funds equivalent to EUR 13,440. The bank certificate must state the account no, since when it has been operating, if there is guardian(joint holder) in case of minor, the amount held in rupees and in Euros, the current exchange rate. Include any fixed (time)eposits (FDs) in the name of the applicant.
  • In the case of minor, bank certificate must also include a sentence that the account holder is has the right to withdraw the funds.
For students who do NOT have any income or are not working, it necessary to provide the provide following from the parents/guardian:
  1. Statement of support from sponsor (parents or relatives) indicating the relationship and the that they are willing to support the applicant with required funds)
  2. Covering letter from parent/guardian addressed to Migri giving list of docs enclosed
  3. 1-year bank statements of parents, stamped by bank
  4. Income tax returns (ITR) of parents, preferably 3 years to show source of income
  5. It is useful to have employment letter of parents, or latest 3 pay slips (optional) to demonstrate source of funds
  6. Create a Statement of Assets (preferably signed by chartered accountant or licensed wealth manager) listing out your financial assets like investments in shares, mutual funds, bank deposits, post office deposits/PPF, etc
  7. Make an Affidavit of Sponsorship on stamp paper
6 Health insurance
  • Health insurance of EUR 40,000/year for all 2-year to 4-year programs
  • Starting date of health insurance should be at least 1 week (7..10 days) before start of program, coinciding with planned travel to Finland
  • You can take 1-year health insurance (starting from 7..10 days before start of your course) from any Indian or International insurance company
  • Swisscare has a policy that meets the requirements for Finland and is listed on Migri site. The policy can be purchased online for about EUR 197.10 (pay by credit card). The policy is issued by Anker Insurance, Netherlands.
7 Tuition fee receipt
  • Pay the tuition fee indicated in the university acceptance letter by wire transfer
  • Ask the university for confirmation email. Official receipt may take time
  • Attach the wire transfer (SWIFT) message from your bank/forex dealer, and confirmation email from university – if you don’t get the official receipt
8 Migri Application
  • Fill the application on EnterFinland (
  • Register and create login. Keep the login and password details carefully.
  • Fill all the fields in the application
  • Attach scans of all required documents.
  • Take printout of the completed and submitted application (Initiation certificate)
  • Pay the fee of EUR 300 (INR 24,100). If you are a minor at the time of application the fee is EUR 220 (17,700 ) in the case of minor) by credit card.
  • Take a printout of receipt (Certificate of Pending Online Case)
You can also pay this application fee in cash at the time of visit to VFS. The fee is EUR 360 (INR 28,900) and EUR 250 (20100) respectively
9 Education certificates Submit photocopies of your education certificates (eg Class 12 marksheet, migration and board certificates)
10 VFS appointment
  • After submitting the application on EnterFinand site, you have to take an appointment at VFS Delhi (
  • A separate service charge of INR 5,600 is payable at the time visiting the VFS center for biometrics (VFS Residence Permit Service). If you want to receive the resident permit card by courier, you also need to pay and additional INR 482 as courier service fee (else you can collect in person, for free)
  • Total payable to VFS is Rs 6,082
11 Consent Letter In the case of applicants who are minors at the time of application, it is better to include a Consent Letter from parents/guardians addressed to Migri, indicating that are permitting the applicant to apply for student permit, permit the applicant to travel to the university for studies, will allow the student to access the funds in the bank account, and will make all applications/undertakings on behalf of the student for fulfilling the requirements for studying in Finland

In the case of minors, a guardian is allowed to accompany the minor to the VFS center. Guardian should carry an official id (passport) to establish relationship

VFS Process

  1. Take appointment at VFS Delhi (
  2. Plan to reach the VFS Center at least 45 mins before your appointment time—it is quite crowded.
  3. The VFS Center is located on the mezzanine floor (one floor below ground floor) of Shivaji Stadium Metro station on Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Connaught Place. There is a paid car park in the adjacent building. No parking at Shivaji Stadium Metro station
  4. Enter the Shivaji Stadium Metro station from the back gate
  5. After passing through security check, go down one level by escalator/stairs to reach mezzanine floor. Turn towards your left, and then right. Look for the main entry gate straight ahead at the end of the corridor. You will pass Russian and Malaysian visa processing cabins.
  6. While backpacks, briefcases and bags are allowed inside, but you cannot bring laptops, pen drives or hard disks. Luggage can be deposited at the Left Luggage counter/Cyber café which is located at the lower floor (near bottom of down escalator leading to metro train platform), next to China Visa center
  7. Join the entry queue, when they call out your appointment time. Keep your passport and VFS appointment letter ready in your hand
  8. Once you enter, after security check, go to Counter G (for all Shenzhen countries). Show your appointment letter, and get a token (FLIR xx).
  9. With the token, go to Area G, and locate Room B-15 or B-16 (Finland)—they are to the right.
  10. Based on your token number you will be called for document verification and submission, and for biometrics (fingerprints and photo)
  11. Inform the person doing the biometrics that you have already paid the visa fee online (show Certificate of Pending Online Case). You can ask them to cross-check. If you want to receive the Finland resident card by courier, inform the person, so that they will generate the receipt accordingly.
  12. Pay the VFS fee (receipt will be given after biometrics are done). Pay at the cash counters (C-1 to C-5). Amount is Rs 5,600 (VFS fee) + Rs 482 (courier)
  13. Bring the cash deposit receipt back to the biometric room, and give the cash paid slip. Important: You MUST give the cash paid slip to the biometric room, otherwise your application will not be processed further.
  14. Keep the main VFS receipt carefully as it has the reference number you can use to track the visa process.
  15. Track the status of your application frequently on Migri site, using the login created earlier. Any additional communication and status updates will be directly sent to you by Migri
  16. In some cases, applicants may be called to Finland embassy for interview, or for clarification of documents. You will be directly contacted by the embassy.

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