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Malta is a member of both the European Union and the Commonwealth, and enjoys close ties with the UK. It is a member of the European Higher Education Area. Malta is one of the safest countries in the world. It is a wonderful study abroad destination for students and although it is European country, English is one of the official languages and most of the people speak in English and hence it attracts many people.

When student decides to study in Malta, they generally have a lot of questions and we have answer to all, few of them are listed below to clear out your questions also:

FAQs for Study in Malta

#1. How much does it cost to study in Malta?
Ans. The general course range for master start with 6K Euros/annum tuition fees and in addition to that the average living cost in Malta ranges from 300 to 700 Euros depending upon the location you choose as your study destination.

#2. Is Malta good for study?
Ans. Studying abroad can be difficult for students who feel nervous about living in unfamiliar surroundings for an extended period of time. For students who might not be comfortable in a wholly alien environment, Malta is a wonderful destination. Not only is it an English-speaking country (Maltese and English are the nation’s official languages), students and expatriates from all over the world live on the island, making it highly diverse and welcoming. English-speaking students are able to communicate with the locals easily and navigate the island efficiently. Even the climate of Malta is same as India, which makes it more comfortable to stay. Also it is largly crime free and also known as one of the safest destination of Europe.
You can even go through below link for more details about studying in Malta : Study In Malta

#3. Can I work and study in Malta?
Ans. As a student every country gives 20 hours of permissible working hours of any student.

FAQs to Prepare for University Interview - Study in Malta

If you are applying for student visa in Malta, you have to appear for two rounds of interview, Most of the university takes Skype interview for assessment and after successfully achieving the place in Maltese university you need to clear Embassy interview for Visa Purpose.

Below we have listed few of the basis FAQ that can be asked in University as well as Embassy interview:

#1. Tell me something about yourself?
Ans For any academic interview, Introduction should include details as below: First name
Educational qualification
Experience (if any)
Family context and some information about your personality (you can include hobbies or any extracurricular results)

#2. Reason for choosing further studies.
Ans The student should link his academic background and experience with choosing their course for further study.

#3. Why did you choose Malta for further studies?
Ans I decided to go with the beautiful country Malta because I am attracted by the education system of Malta. Its peaceful and harmonious environment will help me integrate into the local community and establish contacts both from a social and professional point of view. Malta is one of the few truly bilingual countries in the world. Malta is a wonderful destination. Maltese and English are the official languages of Malta, students and expatriates from all over the world live on the island, which makes it very diverse and welcoming. English-speaking students are able to communicate easily with locals and navigate the island efficiently. Many traveling students struggled with the “cold culture” found in other English-speaking countries. Malta has the remedy! A family culture, relaxed and warm with Mediterranean people ready to help at the slightest request creates a welcome change and relief! It is also one of the safest places in the world. Valletta is the capital of Malta and also the center of attention of many tourists as the city is home to many museums, theaters and other tourist attractions. Surrounded by water, Malta, like any other island, is a land of seafood, fishing boats and the most beautiful diving waters. In addition, studying in Malta will allow me to be part of a quality education rather than just learning the theoretical aspects of the course. More specifically, joining the prestigious tailor-made program offered there for international students will give me the theoretical training, practical experience and access to the resources I need to advance my knowledge and my network. With the help of this course, I will be able to master the fundamental theory and concepts of business, the financing of emerging businesses and the development of business plans.

#4. Why study abroad and not in India?

  • the main advantages of studying abroad for many international students is the possibility of immersing themselves in a totally different environment
  • Possibility of obtaining the double degree.
  • Studies abroad are mainly based on practical knowledge.
  • You will acquire a greater knowledge of different cultures
  • View your culture through a new lens
  • Get an international degree and exposure.
  • Increase the international job prospects.
  • Acquire greater knowledge of different cultures.
  • Meet several people.
  • Discover new environment.
  • Get a global mindset.
  • Learn self-sufficiency and gain independence.
  • Learn to appreciate smaller things more.

#5. Why this university?
Ans Students must describe the key USP for choosing a particular university. The information we can include can be:

  • Accreditations
  • Ranking
  • Courses
  • Forms- Modules
  • Faculty
  • Alumnus network

#6. Who is your sponsor?
Ans Please mention the name of your sponsor – It can be parents/gaurdians/siblings/self sponsor.

#7. How much does life in Malta cost?
Ans The cost of living is 50 euros per day.

#8. What is your future goal?
Ans (Below are some examples of future target)
Entrepreneur: after completing my study by the name of the university, I would go back to my hometown and start my organization which will focus on its development. I assure you that I will learn all the skills necessary to better manage my organization. I am confident that studying at university will give me a solid knowledge of the basic principles of this field and help me acquire the skills necessary to achieve my goal. Even my degree in Course from University will give me a solid foundation and a perfect channel to capitalize on my strengths.
Work in MNC: after completing my course, I would like to work with a renowned company in Europe, India or anywhere in the world. I wanted to become more effective and progressive in the field of my interest. I am looking forward to doing safe work in renowned companies such as ONGC, BHEL, TATA and many others. I am very confident that after completing this course I can start my professional career with a good position as information system manager, marketing manager, system developer etc.
Family affairs: after completing the course named after the university, I will return to India and join by hand in the family business. Since my father has always managed the business in a very simple and traditional way, but I want to expand it by implementing new ideas and taking our business to the next level. (For example, since my father runs a temporary shop and I want the chain to grow only in my place, but also in some other part of India, and then take it internationally. So, to bring an exhibition in the sector I will have need market research that will help me understand the essential market value for the business).

The above listed FAQ covers most of the questions asked in Embassy but few of the question testing your knowledge of country and your presence of mind can also be asked, like for example:

  1. Nearby Ports of Malta
  2. Neighbouring countries of Malta
  3. What is your level of English
  4. Documents required for visa process
  5. Documents required for application in university
  6. About seasons, temperature and food of the country

To know about required documents, you can go through below link : VFS Checklist For Malta Visa

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