Our Accreditations & Recognizations

Our Accreditations & Recognizations

Accreditation is one way we assure the students and universities that we are doing our best to achieve exceptional service in the foreign education landscape.

Edugo Abroad is a leading admission partner for Europe studies since 2009. We help those students who want to study in European countries like France, Poland, Ireland, Malta, Germany and more.

Our Accreditations & Recognizations

New Education Trend

New Education Trend is a dynamic company, which creates a unique platform and brings educational institutions and student recruitment agencies together at one place and time.


ICEF is a global leader in international education, committed to advancing the industry through the promotion of best practices, strengthening of global networks, and sharing of insights and analysis on the latest industry trends and data.


UniAgents is a leading technology outfit, which helps Institutions, Consultants and High Schools and Government agencies in utilizing technology to meet their international student mobility goals.

TV9 Gujarati

TV9 Gujarati is an Indian free to air 24-hour regional news channel broadcasting in Gujarati language. Edugo Abroad has been awarded as ACE Achiever by honorable Cheif Minister of Gujarat Shri. Vijaybhai Rupani.

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