VFS Checklist for Italy Visa

Choose the VFS process for foreign study. It helps to reduce the efforts and make a smooth process to get the Visa. VFS is the most preferred visa process because of its updated solution over the traditional method. Its efficiency reduces the lengthy documentation procedure and gives a quick & easy visa solution.

So before applying for Italy, Check out some important points in a quick visit.

Study Visa Application Mandatory Documents

a) Have been issued within the previous 10 years, and the validity must not exceed 10 yrs.
b) Handwritten passports will not be accepted. Passports with any manual
observation will not be accepted
c) At least have a validity of 3 months after intended stay
d) Have at least 2 blank pages
Visa application Form a) 2 signatures of the applicant (page 3 - column 37 and page 4)
*Application forms for minors has to be signed by both the parents in both places
b) 2 photographs to be submitted. (http://www.vfs-italy.co.in/photo_specifications.html)
c) Travel dates to be mentioned
d) Please mention "N/A" wherever columns are blank
Covering Letter a) Name of the applicant
b) Purpose of study visa
c) Who will bear the expenses
d) Travel dates and duration of the stay
regarding the
applicant’s study
Original and legible photocopy of acceptance of enrolment by the Italian School of Institution, stating
clearly the duration of the course.
“Dichiarazione di Valore” (Declaration of Value) of the applicant’s educational certificates duly
legalized by the Consular office of this Consulate General. The local Institution or School should
advise this Consulate directly in case it is not required
a) Pre enrollment (Form A)
b) photo authentication form
both duly stamped by the competent Embassy/Consulate of Italy
Receipt of duly payment of Tuition fees
Accommodation Adequate proof of Boarding and Lodging
Documentation regarding
the applicant’s economic
status for University
Courses or Post graduate
courses & Scholarship
Proof of means of support in Italy of not less than 5824.91 Euro per one year or 448.07 Euro for each
month of the academic year
3 months original bank statement signed and stamped by the bank.
The statement can belong to the applicant or to a family member supported by a letter of commitment
from the sponsor with ID proof
*for students who received a scholarship: Proof of Scholarship
Passport photocopy of
the applicant
Photocopies of front page and last page
Photocopies of all previous Schengen visas. If there photocopy of valid UK and US visas.
Overseas medical insurance Covering travel Period with a coverage of Euros 30000 with inclusion of repatriation clause For
admission to Italian Universities is required for 1 month
Air Ticket Short stay category: Flight details or airline reservation printout
Long stay category: One-way flight details or airline reservation printout
In case of minor travelling with any one parent or with a third party: Affidavit from the
parent/stating that he/she has no objection to the travel of the minor. The affidavit has to be
notarized and legalized by the Competent Home Department of the State of residence. The
parent/s residing in Italy can make similar self- declaration with a copy of his/ her stay permit and
An alternative option to the above process, parents of the minor can sign a Consent form at this
Consulate General in Mumbai, along photocopies of their passports( any govt. photo id with
signature). Presence of the parents and minor is mandatory.

Please note: The Consulate General of Italy reserves the right to request for additional documents or personal interview.

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