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Studying abroad requires a decent financial backup on the part of students and fortunately, education loan meet that particular deficit. We, at Edugo Abroad, assist our students with exclusive education loan support services to solve the financial equation in their study abroad journeys. However, applying for an education loan and carrying out the entire process can be a challenging tasks. This is where Edugo Abroad intervenes and takes charge. We look after all the documentation process and formalities so you can devote your focus solely to your education abroad.

When it comes to education financing, we understand that the gravity of the situation varies with each student. Considering that, we offer assistance with both secured and unsecured loans to our students. With our education loan support services, our goal is to ensure that every deserving student gets a fair chance at realizing his/her study abroad dream.

Best Loan Providers In India for International studies

Along with these, the students can find several other public and private sector banks and lenders for acquiring overseas education loans.

Such educational loan usually takes care of the following –

  • Tuition fees
  • Expenses of examination, library, laboratory and hostel
  • Expenses of buying books, equipment, instruments and uniform
  • Costs of travelling abroad
  • Precautionary money, refundable deposits etc

Eligibility Required For Acquiring Overseas Education Loan

Studying in Europe is not just confined to the four walls of the classroom. It is a much broader experience that leaves study abroad aspirants with a wiser and more mature version of themselves. Europe is known for its remarkable capacity to expand the students' academic, cultural, and professional growth. Study abroad aspirants are exposed to numerous accredited programmes in a globally elite set of universities. On top of that, European universities serve as the model bridge for students to take their careers to the international side.

Many lenders and banks provide loans based on the loan’s upper limit, the rate of interest, time, mode of repayment, while some base their decision on the ranking of the institution, applicability of the course taken and financial competence of the guarantor. However, other lenders and banks only provide educational loans for an international institution that is recognized by them.

Let’s look into the general eligibility required for Indian students to acquire overseas educational loans from banks –

  • Indian citizen
  • Generally, age should be within 18-35 years
  • Confirmed admission at an international institution
  • Sound academic record
  • Requires a co-borrower, for instance, parents/guardians acting as a guarantor for the loan
  • Requirement of a collateral

Requirement Of Documents For Overseas Education Loan

Below is a list of the important documents needed to secure the loan

  • Last authorized examination’s mark sheet
  • Proof of admission
  • Course’s schedule of expenses
  • Scholarship confirmation letter copy
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Borrower’s bank account statement of last six months
  • Assessment order of income tax, not later than two years
  • A short statement of assets and liabilities of the borrower

How Edugo Abroad Help In Securing An Overseas Education Loan

Edugo Abroad, with experience of an extensive period, knows the right way to apply and guides in every step of the process. We ensure the process of acquiring a loan and visa becomes comfortable for the students by taking advantage of the best international education opportunities at the most recognized universities and colleges. We understand the importance of a rewarding career in a student’s life. We help you to sanction your loan sanction and the study visa to fulfil your study abroad dreams..

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