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Along with the rest of Europe, the UK is known for its beautiful national parks and mountains. Travelers predominantly from Europe, India, China & USA have been arriving in ever-increasing numbers to buy luxury designer brands of lower prices than they can get their country.


The UK is fast emerging as one of the most popular study destinations for education in the world. Recently 2-year post-study work visa in UK expand the opportunities for talented Indian students to build successful careers. There are lots of other factors to choose UK, like unparalleled academic, professional skills with an unforgettable cultural experience.

  • 2 Year PSW
  • Already a huge student base
  • Good settlement options with tier 2 sponsors
  • Easy & quick visa
  • High rate of visa success

Why UK through Edugo Abroad

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Above 95% visa success rate
Fastest Visa Process
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Universities to apply in UK

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Fees Structure & Opportunities in UK

20+ Universities

UK is the most preferred study abroad destination after USA & Canda with top universities & institutes.

Apply With or Without IELTS

UK provides the opportunity to apply with or without IELTS in many reputed universities and institutes.

Average Fees From 9 - 13 lakh

The Fee structure of the UK is very affordable and pocket-friendly compared to other G5 countries.

Visa Success Rate Above 95%

We've received above 95% visa success for UK. Edugo Abroad is the trusted name for UK study visa.

What are you waiting for?

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Why UK For Abroad Study?

UK, one of the most popular countries dominating the world with its booming economy, growth, infrastructure and a significant contribution to the world's wealth. The UK has been the center of lots of industrial revolutions which has changed the world's demographic and social perception. This country is the home to top fortune companies, leading industries, manufacturing, institutes, architecture, science research and tourism. British companies & institutes are spread in all the streams from agriculture to IT industries. The UK has diversity in all industries which opens the door of job opportunities in 360° directions.

Study In UK With World-Class Education

For a long time, the UK has been the origin of world-class universities, schools and other educational institutions which provide quality education to students around the world. Their universities offer a great variety of accredited courses and programs in Medical, IT, Pharma, Management, Business, Engineering, Journalism, Architecture, Travelling, Aviation and Hospitality. But Indian students are quite attracted to the study in the UK because of its world-class education, infrastructure and immense career opportunities in various sectors. Their well-qualified faculties along with the highly trained staff are dedicated to provide quality education to students.

UK offers a great variety of creative courses to students. These courses are designed to develop a sense of creative and analytical skills in student’s personality which gives a strong confidence in a professional life. Universities continuously mentor and guide their students in their academic course duration.

UK is known for its short duration courses which are offered by top universities of the country. for example: bachelor courses generally is a period of 4 years but in UK, it can be completed in 3 years and master is for one year. University also offers customized courses means students can module courses of their wish. But the main thing which makes studying in the UK popular is cost affordability. Most of the courses tuition fee is quite normal that does not put a large burden on student's shoulders. There is also a large number of scholarship programmes in the UK which work as a cherry on top. For the scholarship, the student can apply to government bodies, European commission, funding trust and British council.

Get Quick UK Study Visa

Getting a UK student visa is more easy compare to other countries nowadays. These days are gone when a student has to wait for months to get their visa. With the new VFS Process, the Visa requirements are very straightforward, easy and the duration of getting a visa is also very short.

A student with a strong profile gets the study visa within 15 days, while the maximum time is 90 days. The visa application process is easy compared to the previous one. But, it is advisable to hire an experienced UK study Visa consultant to make things easier and you can focus on your study. Benefits of having a UK student visa

  1. 2 years PSW
  2. Work While Study
  3. Work on your student visa*

If you are looking to study in the UK and need guidance in your abroad study-related queries edugo Abroad is the right place to get all your answers. We are the Best UK Study Visa Consultant in Ahmedabad with 10+ years of experience and a 100% visa success rate.

Study In UK Without IELTS

Now IELTS is not a hurdle when it comes to studying in the UK. Because many prominent universities allow admission without IELTS scores. The student who has the basic knowledge of English and got 60% or above marks in English during their 10th and 12th class.

Work Opportunity In UK

The UK is the ocean of work opportunities with a large number of job provider industries. Education in the UK is aligned with their industry which helps them to get a direct place in the industry and start work. Students can apply for the job after completing their master and bachelors courses.

Universities in the UK help their students to get internship part-time jobs and also help to get jobs in top multinational companies of the UK. Part-time jobs have been the common way to afford the lifestyle in UK.

Edugo abroad is best UK Student Visa consultant in Ahmedabad. We are a recognized admission partner for study in the UK with a strong network to the top universities and institutes. With the good experience in the education consulting industry and trust of many students, Let us help you to get your Student Visa for UK.

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