Visa Buddy

Visa Buddy for Student

We understand that most students somehow manage to create a mortal fear of the visa interview. It seems like an interrogation horror story from a badly made movie in their minds. This is utterly incorrect; the student visa interview for Poland is a clear, quick and document oriented process! However, at WSGE University in association with Edugo Abroad, we understand the importance of breaking this imaginary interview fear from most of our students or in a way to help them boost their confidence is very important as a part of our service to ensure the successful Visa.

Hence, from this intake, we introduced an absolutely out of the box system call meeting ‘VISA BUDDY’ to prepare students for the big day by bolstering their morale, providing vital last minute tips, checking documents & minimizing errors etc….

The first batch of WSGE students has just received their Visa results & most of them have secured APPROVALS! We are so glad to see their overwhelming feedback on ‘Visa Buddy’ process, seems it has indeed played a vital role in performing exceedingly well in their consulate interview!

At Edugo Abroad, we are adhere to walk an extra mile for our students & are delighted to see our students finding this process very helpful for them.

Here are few testimonial on 'Visa Buddy' from our Oct'17 intake students who are soon flying to Poland to treasure their dreams with WSGE University.


Thanks a lot to WSGE for putting up Visa Buddy, it has helped me correct my interview faults & because of which I got a successful Visa.


Yes, this is a unique process by any foreign university but very very student friendly to ensure their Visa success! Appreciated...

I was little nervous before the consulate interview, but Visa buddy pumped me up...thanks for all the efforts by WSGE!


This is indeed an out of the box service been provided by the university, surely helping a lot of students performing well, including me 🙂