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Canada is the most preferred country among the international students for their higher education and career development. It has got everything; excellent academia, affordable rates and magnificent natural surroundings, making it an ideal destination.
It is no breaking news that so many students across the world are appealed towards the concept of ‘study in Canada’ for higher-education. The country hosts approximately 250,000 international students and has been receiving a humongous demand from the abroad students recently. The key pointers behind the popularity of studying in Canada are the affordability, uplifted lifestyle, technological advancement, post-study work opportunities and easy PR prospects.


Canadian universities believe to provide a dynamic and practical environment to the students so that they can get a better view of the world from the classroom. The professors have the first-hand experience in their respective fields and impart the right amount of skillset needed to accomplish in the industrial world. They focus on conducive learning and provide with the technologically updated facilities for the research purposes. An excellent foundation is laid on the independent working as well as working in team. The curriculum is ensured with the most recent pedagogy in the universities.

  • Top-Ranked Universities
  • Opportunities To Work While Studying
  • Promising Career Opportunities
  • Easy Immigration
  • Advanced Research Facilities
  • Exposure To The Multicultural Communities

Why Canada Through Edugo Global?

Visa Success
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Foremost Universities
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Fees Structure & Opportunities in Canada

150+ Universities

Attain the chance to choose from a wide range of course from different accredited programmes by applying in the top-ranked institutions.

IELTS Required

Students can enhance their chances of getting in the top-tiered universities by scoring high bands in IELTS.

Average Fees Starts From 10 Lakh

Approximately C$20,000 to C$35,000 are required annually in Canadian Universities, rest depends on the university you select.

90% Visa Success Rate

Many students got their VISA approved straightforwardly, which led to an immense success rate and more to come along.

Why Study In Canada?

Most favoured destination among the aspirants

Canada stands out as the most popular destination among the international students, it hosts nearly half a million international students. Reason lying behind is that it offers an astonishing education from the top recognised universities at an affordable tuition fee with an excellent standard of living.

Favourable climate and ecosystem

One can explore all kinds of natural beauty: exhilarating snow-covered mountain peaks, thrashing white water and wide landscapes of maple trees. Canada is home to numerous lakes and has more lakes than all lakes in the world. These are some of key highlights which will attract you to study and settle in Canada.

Top ranked universities

A degree from the university of Canada is a mark of superiority and prowess. In 2019, 27 Canadian universities were recognised in The World university Rankings and 26 of them were ranked in the QS World university rankings.

Simultaneously working and studying

Canada has special policies entirely for the international students to work for up to 20 hours per week during their semesters and a full-time work during their summer and winter breaks to gain the work experience. One can apply to any firm as an intern without any pre-requisites.

Research and technological advancement

The government of Canada shows a massive support to the researchers in the medical, pharmaceutical, technological, agriculture and communication. They aid you with the technological equipment and the grants to primarily aim at the research and development.

Work and PR prospects

Immensely involved in the post-study work and ample of opportunities after the graduation. It has been consistently ranked to be one of the safest countries to live in the world. After the graduation, the international students have the possibility of Canadian immigration. Those who have acquired Canadian credentials and enough work experience can apply for PR.

Fee structure

The collective expenses of the Canadian universities is much lower than those of US and UK. Many scholarships and funds are also availed by the universities to cut down the tuition fees.

Exposure to the diversified culture from different regions

Canada comprises of the warmest and the most-welcoming crowd who come from various ethnic groups. All of them practices a completely different lifestyles and cultures. One can easily socialise with the multicultural folks and a lot of Indian students too. People promote fraternity, enthusiasm and peace.

In campus life

With an awareness of education and current technological advancements, one can experience a very joyous and lively environment. All the new students meet new faces and socialise with one another. Many universities are mostly engaged with events, fests and other activities organized all through the year. A lot of them has their own sporting teams and cultural clubs.


Apart from English, French is the most common language spoken throught out the country. As a part of canadian education programs, teaching English and French is very cruicial. This will only improve your fluency and proficiency in the language as you proceed with your studies.



September is open for the major intake admissions for all programs in all the institutions.

January & May

January and May are open for the smaller intake admissions for limited programs in the limited institutions.

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Visa Information

As of 2009, The Canadian High Commission has launched a new Visa Procedure called Students Partners Programme (SPP). Under SPP, Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) has become mandatory which involves transferring of the living expenses to the Canadian bank before applying for VISA. This will ensure faster processing of VISA.

Work and Migration

Any international student would be eligible for a 3-year work permit with no limitations on the types of employment, if graduated from a program of 2 years or more in duration. The experience acquired will allow them to earn the money invested and at the same time it would provide an opportunity to work in an international company.

Canada is encouraging international students to settle after their graduation. The new Work Permit Program (WPP) states that international students who have studied for 2 years can obtain an Open Work Permit (OWP) with no restrictions on the type of employment and no requirements of a job offer up to 3 years.

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