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Excellent academia, affordable rates, magnificent natural surroundings, and many more reasons make Canada the most popular study abroad destination for international students. Study in Canada University is a strong practice portrayed for a secured and progressive carrier performed by over 6,21,656 international students per year.

It is no breaking news that so many students across the world are appealing towards the concept of ‘study in Canada’ for higher education. The country has been receiving a humongous demand from abroad students recently. The key pointers behind the popularity of study abroad in Canada are affordability, uplifted lifestyle, technological advancement, post-study work opportunities, and easy PR prospects. Edugo is the best consultancy for canada in ahmedabad where we guide you through the entire admission and visa process to get your admission in the top Canadian colleges and universities. We here at Edugo Abroad help you at each and every step of your canada study abroad journey from consultation, course and university selection to visa approval.


Colleges in Canada believes in providing a dynamic and practical environment to the students so that they can get a better view of the world from the classroom. The professors of Canada Universities have first-hand experience in their respective fields and impart the right amount of skillset needed to accomplish in the industrial world. They focus on conducive learning and provide technologically updated facilities for research purposes. An excellent foundation is laid on independent working as well as working in a team. The curriculum is ensured with the most recent pedagogy in Canadian universities.

Top Reasons To Choose Canada For Higher Education

  • High Quality of Education from a Trust and Excellent Canadian Universities.

  • Affordable Tuition Fees As Compared To Other Countries like USA, UK, and Australia.

  • Warm And Welcoming People The Multicultural Environment In Canada Promotes Friendliness And Peaceful Living Like No Other Country.

  • Wide Range of Programs.

  • NO Questions on Financial Capabilities.

  • Special Regulations for All International Students with an Opportunity to Work for up To 20 Hours Every Week during Their Semesters and Full-Time During the summer and Winter Breaks.

  • Simple Process to Convert Study Permit into Open Work Permit.

  • 80+ PNP Programs to Apply for Permanent Residency.

  • Minimum Wage Rate Policy For All

  • Budget Planning Along With Duration timeline for Entire Process.

List of Colleges & Universities In Canada For Indian Students

Why Canada Through Edugo Global?

Visa Success
90% Visa Success Rate
Foremost Universities
Trust of 12+ Years
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Association With Ranked Universities
Fastest Visa Process
Quick And Hassle-Free Process
canada study consultants in ahmedabad

Minimum Requirements For Admission in Canada Universities

Program Level Aggregate(%) Percentage Minimum IELTS Max Educational Gap/Min Work Experience
2 Year Diploma Minimum 50 - 55% In 12th Std. Overall Or Each 6 2 Years Of Gap After 10th Std.
3 Year Diploma Minimum 50 -55% In 12th Std. Overall Or Each 6 2 Years After 10th Std.
4 Year Undergraduate Minimum 50 – 55% Overall Or Each 6 Or Above 2 – 3 Year Gap After 12th
1 Year PG Diploma Minimum 55% Or Above In UG Overall 6.5 Not Less Than 6 5-7 Years After UG
2 Year Master Minimum 70% Or Above Overall 7 Or Above Not Less Than 6.5 In Writing 4-5 Years After UG
M.B.A Minimum 65% Or Above Overall 6.5 Or Above Not Less Than 6.5 In Writing Not Less Than 6 In LRS 4-5 Years After UG ( At Least 1 Year Of Managerial Experience
Health Care Like Nursing, Physiotherapy Minimum 65% Overall ( 70%+ In PCBM ) Overall 6.5 Or Above Not Less Than 6 4-5 After UG ( At Least 1 Year Of Professional Experience Along With Licence)

Budget Required To Study In Canada

Index Milestone Duration timeline(month vice) Average cost (INR)
1 IELTS Exam fees 1 to 3 month 14700
2 College application fees* 1 to 3 month 15000
3 College Tuition fees 4-6 month 12 to 15 lakh
4 UP Front Medical test 6 month 5000
5 GIC Payment ($10,200 CAD) 6 month 6.35 lakh
6 Visa & Biometric Fees CAD 235 CAD 7 month 14500
7 Air Tickets 8 month 50000 or More
8 Shopping & miscellaneous 8 month 70000 or More

Join Edugo Academy For IELTS & PTE Exams To Score High

Denoting its strong education pioneer, Canada consists of well-rooted academic courses that conduct secure careers for many students. The pinch of the topic is major courses, direction, and even the academic conversion driven by tutors is done in English vocabulary, and to make multinational students familiar with it, each Canadian University asks for flawless IELTS & PTE performance to bring students the actual worth of their invested time and money.

Bridging these essential IELTS requirements of students aspiring to study in Canada, Edugo Abroad has assembled a team of experienced tutors that pay personal attention to each mind and makes their IELTS understanding procedure run smoother. Students of Edugo Abroad get handly access to study materials, guides, and course videos stuffed with top grammatical levels, and to edge their ongoing IELTS practice we conduct several weekly and monthly mock tests that have and will create a benchmark of high IELTS bands.

  • Small Batch size of 8-12 students*

  • Mock and sectional test

  • Progress Report

  • Weekly Additional Doubt Clearing Sessions *

Step-by-Step Process for Admission
and Student Visa in Canada

  1. Profile Assessment as Per Canada University or College Eligibility Criteria

  2. Select at least 3 to 4 Study Programs in your respective University Or College.

  3. Set all documents as per Study Canada Requirements such as IELTS, Degree Certificate, Transcripts, Letter Of Intent, Letter Of Recommendations, Work Experience, Etc.

  4. Send the required documentation to University Or College for the first review and pay the Application Fees after Confirmation.

  5. Have Patience For Turnaround Time (TAT). It May Vary To University To University. Simultaneously, Start Planning for Financial Budget like Education loans, and SOP for Visa purposes.

  6. Acknowledge The Letter Of Acceptance Via Student Portal. Put Your Best Foot Forward With Best Suitable LOA Option And Pay The One Year Tuitions Fees.

  7. Open Your Bank Account With Canadian Bank Like ICICI Bank Canada or Scotia Bank For GIC Certificate.

  8. Book an Appointment for Your Upfront Medical Test with Panel Physician.

  9. Sign Up Your Account In GC Key & Keep Arranging All Document As Per S.D.S Or Non-S.D.S Criteria.

  10. Upload All The Document As Per Check List & Pay Visa Application Fees.

  11. Get Conformation For Booking For BIOMETRIC In VFS.

  12. Acknowledge The PPR Letter (Passport Request).

  13. Create Web Form for 2 Way Courier.

  14. Have Visa Stamp And Begin A Journey To Your Abroad Study Dream Land.

How to Avoid Canada Visa Refusal?

How can International Students get PR in Canada?

  1. While Studying in Canada Focus On Building Professional Connection With Journey Man.

  2. Complete Your Canadian Education With Higher Grade As Much As Possible.

  3. Convert Your Legal Status In Canada Work Permit Within Given Time

  4. Job Hunting In Core Field

  5. Get Job Offer Letter ( Must Be Non-Seasonal And At Least 35 Hours/Week And Last Long For Minimum 1 Year )

  6. Start Preparing To Finalize Basic Documentation Which Is Required To Apply For Canada PR

  7. Apply To Job Offer Based Immigration Program in Canada.

  8. After Completing 1 Year Work Experience In Core Field Apply In Canadian Experience Class Via Express Entry

  9. Simultaneously, Be Aware With New Updates Like Previous Cut Off, Changes In Rules, And Regulations

  10. Acknowledge Your Invitation (Its) Form Canadian Embassy

  11. Pay Invitation Processing Fees And Provide Required Document Which You Already Prepared.

  12. Acknowledge Your PPR Request Through Your GC Key Account.

How Edugo Abroad is the Best Consultancy for Canada Student Visa in Ahmedabad?

Linked with 225+ Top Global Universities

Attain the chance to choose the best course to study in Canada from different accredited programs by applying to the top-ranked institutions.

100 Hours Of Consulting Sessions

Every year Edugo Abroad has been actively assisting 1000+ students from 120+ cities in India for more than a decade. We believe in giving our students a comprehensive amount of time so they can convey their overseas education plans, and we can step ahead with their ease.

Acknowledge you with Average Fees of Canada Education

To give your "Study in Canada" journey a smooth kick start it is necessary to know, "how much money is required to study in Canada". To study at Canadian Universities the amount of merely C$20,000 to C$35,000 is required, the rest depends on the university you select.

90% Canada Student Visa Success Rate

Many students of Edugo Abroad got their Canada Student Visa approved straightforwardly, which led to an immense success rate and more to come along.


1 How much will studying in Canada cost?
Comparing European education expenses, Canada offers much more affordability. An annual amount between C$20,000 and C$30,000 is a primary requirement that can vary at university and course enrollment.
2 Is Canada cheap to study?
Studying in Canada is preferred by tons of multinational students, and with the aiding purpose to each of them, Canadian Universities have kept their educational expenses broadly affordable to other European Universities.
3Can I study Canada for free?
There are several options to make free studying in Canada possible. Students can choose a university with low tuition fees or do a part-time job that can help their education run smoothly without any quality education settlements. There are also education consultants and organizations that help students with scholarship programs.
4For which study Canada is best?
There are many course options to study in Canada, the premier ones are: Business & Finance, Computer Science & Information Technology, Engineering, Health & Medicine, and Media & Journalism.



September is open for the major intake admissions for all programs in all the institutions.

January & May

January and May are open for the smaller intake admissions for limited programs in the limited institutions.

What are you waiting for?

Speak to our study abroad advisor & enroll in your dream university.

Visa Information

As of 2009, The Canadian High Commission has launched a new Visa Procedure called Students Partners Programme (SPP). Under SPP, Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) has become mandatory which involves transferring of the living expenses to the Canadian bank before applying for VISA. This will ensure faster processing of VISA.

Work and Migration

Any international student would be eligible for a 3-year work permit with no limitations on the types of employment, if graduated from a program of 2 years or more in duration. The experience acquired will allow them to earn the money invested and at the same time it would provide an opportunity to work in an international company.

Canada is encouraging international students to settle after their graduation. The new Work Permit Program (WPP) states that international students who have studied for 2 years can obtain an Open Work Permit (OWP) with no restrictions on the type of employment and no requirements of a job offer up to 3 years.

If you want to avail all the above pointers and grab an astounding opportunity to study as well as work in The Great North, contact our team. Team Edugo Abroad comprises of expert counsellors and professionals who will assist you throughout the procedure right from the beginning.

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