Cost of Studying in Europe | How Much Does It Cost to Study Abroad In Europe – 2019

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European universities have been welcoming international students to their countries for higher studies. According to data, in the year 2012, more than 1.4 million international students moved to Europe for their higher studies. Thanks to the possibility of scholarships and funding which is estimated over 16 million euros per year, the number of students moving to Europe for higher education is increasing every year. The reason behind this are the world-class universities and research centers with modern technology which help students to bring out their best version in the profession they choose.

Reasons to choose Europe


1. World class education

The European universities are equipped with latest technologies and experienced faculty which can help students to become an expert in the chosen field.

2. Home away from home

With helping hand from the faculty, easy course structures, you will never really be stressed about assignments deadline. You will have the feeling of being at home as you become friends with the local and international students on the campus.

3. Language is not a barrier

There are over 1000 undergraduate degree programmes in a full range of subjects in universities across Europe, that are delivered through English; Assignments are in English etc. In response to the shortage of young people in Europe, the aim is to attract applicants from beyond the national market, reflecting English as the language of business and education.

4. Possibility of acquiring a scholarship

The European countries have set their education system as the priority which can help students to afford it at the same time deliver a world-class education. Tuition fee in Europe is low as compared to the USA and there are high chances of getting a scholarship. Even if you do not get a scholarship here is an average cost of studying.



Average tuition fees in Euro

Average living expenses (monthly/Euro)



There are no Third-level tuition fees in many European countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. In some countries, including Denmark and Netherlands, students working part-time can get loans or grants of over €800 a month.

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